Will Robots In Our Future Reality Make Life Easier Than Ever Before

robots in our future

If you have a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, are you worried that your predictions for the future may be too optimistic? Well, don’t be! A new study showed that employees working with robots in the future perform better at intelligent thought than those who communicate with a human assistant. Is artificially intelligent robots going to replace human assistants in every day tasks? Not likely.

Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute

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Researchers in Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute have found that robotic software programs can effectively learn and think independently. In a study published this past April in the journal Science, the researchers showed that while initially a robotic assistant may have been able to perform only basic office duties, the software was able to pick up on simple tasks such as filling out forms, taking dictations, and remembering words. In a series of experiments with a group of college students, the robotic assistant that was given instructions learned to solve basic mathematical problems, coordinate with their human co-workers, navigate a virtual environment, and communicate with them using speech patterns and voice cues. Furthermore, the software showed an interest in artificial intelligence, language, and culture.

Biological Children’s Version

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In the future, our idea generation will operate much like our biological children’s version. They will need to have access to stimulating mental stimulation. It is likely that as we transition to robots in our future that artificially intelligent androids will have their own virtual school, virtual community, and virtual government. The transition from biological humans to artificially intelligent robots will likely be a slow one, as we consider all of the ethical, legal, and social implications of creating robots that can think and reason like people.

Will humans be able to control their artificially intelligent robotic assistants? In the future, a well-intended but could inadvertently kill someone, or become the target of a criminal with malicious motives. As we move into the future with techrepublic tech, will criminals have access to robot arsenals and/or robotic weapons? Will the mass consciousness of humans allow for the killing of humans by a machine, also called a bot?

Can Humans Work Together?

There are a few questions that scientists and futurists pose about what will occur in the future, and they pose those questions today as we think about the future. Can humans work together? Is the man going to have a utopia where everyone lives in harmony with one another? Will we ever be able to create true artificial intelligence? How will our idea generations deal with issues of privacy and surveillance?

As we all think about the future, we should also think about the value of robots. We must realize that robots will help us if we cannot do it ourselves. For instance, if a factory accidentally burns down a warehouse, there will be robots available to pick up the salvage and restore the damaged machinery. If a natural disaster strikes, robots can help pick clean up contaminated areas. They will also make sure that our food supplies remain fresh and safe to eat.


In other words, will robots replace humans in every task that is performed? Not likely, as we are still not ready to accept a robot as a member of the family. But, what the robots will be able to do is give us a helping hand, without stealing our jobs. Will the robots in our future reality be perfect and robotic? Probably not, but they will help us make the world a better place!

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