Will Android Robots Be Friendly To Humans

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The idea of android robots was considered science fiction a decade ago. However, owing to the advances in artificial intelligence, the day is not far away when android robots will be introduced into the family. One day, you may say to your friend, “I have an android in my pocket.” They would reply, “Yes, but do you have to be afraid?” And you could say, “No, I don’t need that one.” However, as android robots become more capable, they will have more capabilities and humanlike capabilities.

Android Robots Are Super Powerful

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Android robots will be able to think, reason and work on their own. Robotic assistants before being sent to serve man, but as machines, they were supposed to perform menial tasks. But with an increasing number of technological developments, we can expect that android robotic assistant will become our best friend. In this scenario, the android robot will be like a human assistant who can think for itself and help in making our lives simpler. It will be just like a virtual human assistant whom we can control via internet and it will do all the manual labor.

Thyroid Robots

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However, there are some limitations of thyroid robots. First is thyroid robots are only good at working in underground and difficult situations. In addition, they cannot work outside the purview of their manufacturer. It also cannot perform any complex calculations and will not be able to undertake decision making on its own. They cannot even think or reason. If we want to make android robotic assistant superior, we have to add certain humanlike qualities in it which will enable it to think, reason and work independently.

Robotic Assistant

A robotic assistant will need emotional intelligence and motivation. We can add emotions like joy, anger, hate, happiness etc to our artificially intelligent robotic assistant to make it sympathetic. This will make it act like a real human being. Therefore, we should also give it a will and ability to think on its own. A good example of this is in “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”.

Memory Of The Robots

Another important attribute of a robotic assistant will be its memory. Since android robots work inside the purview of their makers, they will not have any knowledge about the real world outside their box. They will not have any knowledge about nature or universe. Thus, we should teach it to understand these things by equipping it with artificial intelligence. We can use the internet and the scientific methods to teach it such things. For instance, we can teach it to recognise a face or an object.

It will be better if we create an artificial intelligence system that can think like android robots. And we should train it in all the aspects of android thinking to make it behave in a friendly manner. This way we can make the android robots friendly to humans and friendly to the earth.

Final Words

We will never know if the android robot will make any mistake. And if it makes a mistake, we will never be able to correct it in its own way. Hence, android robots will always prove useful. Just imagine, a robotic assistant that can think, feel and walk amongst the people.

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