What’s So Bad About The Sony Aibo?

What's So Bad About The Sony Aibo?

It’s hard to find a product that makes a massive impact on the public consciousness like the Sony Aibo. The tiny looking little man with the big heart is the perfect example of how kids and adults alike can have fun interacting with one another. But as high as this toy is, it hasn’t come without its fair share of criticism. What’s so bad about the Aibo that kids aren’t taking it to the next level? Let’s look at why it’s still not widespread.

What's So Bad About The Sony Aibo?
What’s So Bad About The Sony Aibo?

 Sony Aibo: Small Yet Effective

As a smaller version of the more advanced PlayStation 3 Play Station Portable, it’s much easier to play and care for when compared to more gigantic robots.

 A Very Human-Like Body

In a way, it looks like a mannequin (although not as creepy).

 He’s Friendlier Than Most

With his very friendly, human-like body, you can’t help but think that he’d make a great child’s friend.

Why Sony Aibo Is Not Everyone’s Favourite?

  •  If he could talk, he’d be a perfect role model. There’s no way that he’s not a good role model for a young child.
  • He meets the dictionary definition of an “Aibo.” Not exactly sure what that has to do with anything, but it’s not like the toy doesn’t have any merits of its own.
Sony Aibo
What’s So Bad About The Sony Aibo?

Why I Love My Aibo?

  • With all the negatives, I’m still having great fun with him. When I’m out in public and my parents notice me playing with the Aibo, they’re quick to tell me that I have a son.
  • I tell them that it’s the first thing that I’ve seen in a while that I want to take a picture of, and I have an enjoyable time playing with it. The Aibo is now a staple in my toy box.
  •  The Sony Aibo has a lot going for it that makes it appealing to both young children and older kids, and the fact that it’s small makes it more appealing to any child. And while the features are numerous, the Aibo has the right mix of elements to be “the next big thing” for kids.

Final Words

Having a Robot, a Robot that talks, and a Robot that looks like a puppy, it’s not surprising that it’s been called a mini pet or baby doll. I say it’s cute, but not really “pet-worthy.”

So, the Aibo may be too cute for its kind. While it may be a tad too mature for some of my child-bearing friends, as long as I take care of it, I’ll be happy with the Aibo for years to come.

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