What’s A War Robot?

War Robot is an amazing game running successfully for several years. The game was developed by the Russian game artist Pixonic who is based in Moscow. He is one of the best game developers. With his efforts, dedication, and intelligence, War robot’s monthly players spending on the game amounted to around $5M. This made the company earn huge profits, and they produced approximately $190 million in their lifetime gross income/revenue.

Millions of people are regular users of the game, and they are playing it for around 2 years. The developers and the team have managed to retain the customers without compromising with their engagement.

War Robot aims to provide full customer satisfaction, entertainment, thrill and fun to the audience playing the game. They also want to increase their revenue by affecting user experience. Currently, the game is available for several platforms such as Android, iOS, and Facebook Gameroom.

Important Facts

  • In the beginning, Pixonic only generated games for Russian social networks.
  • After seeing considerable growth for several years, the team decided to create a mid-core mobile game. Thus, War Robots was launched successfully in the year 2014.
  • In 2016, Google appreciated War Robot as one of the best games on the Android platform.
  • The game received approx. 130 million installations and more than 1.6 million daily users.

Modes In War Robot

There are several modes available in the game. It includes a quick match, free for all, skirmish, team deathmatch, etc. There is an automatic matchmaking mode that sets the players automatically in their respective teams. Under this, players don’t get the chance to decide their opposite players.

Another mode is a custom mode where players get the chance to decide their opposite team players. They can choose their friends, family members or others to play with.

League System In War Robot

The players play according to the league system implemented in the game. It measures the trophy count of individual players. The rating of the player increases and decreases under the system. It increases if the player does more damage in the game and it decreases if he doesn’t do much damage and destruction.


When players earn experience points, they can buy more equipment from the store of the game. The equipment can be purchased by using the currency of the game available in the form of gold, silver, and other components. The clan system also unlocks in the top 10 experience levels.

Low Priority Tool

A low priority queue is a unique tool meant for matching the players. It has been developed for players who are left alone while the battle is still going on. There are many reasons for putting the players under the low priority queue system. It happens when the players often leave the battle before and during the game. Some players stay idle during the game while others face too many connection problems. Sometimes players also suffer from the game crash problem.

So this is it about War Robot. It is an outstanding and very interesting game. You must try this for yourself.

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