What Is A Hexapod Robot Kit

hexapod robot kit

Hexapod robots have been developed by NASA to help robots in earth orbit. It is a software that can be controlled remotely from any place in the world. It contains all required features for you to approach confidentially and successfully its technical constraints and hexapod robotic limitations. The tethered radio control system enables you to work safely within the radio spectrum.

You must buy a hexapod robot kit according to the space available in your yard. If you have a large yard space, you can go for the full size hexapod robot kit. It consists of an arduino board, the servos, a battery, the screws, a canopy and some special glass beads for the eyes. You can assemble it together as per the instruction manual provided with the arguing.

Controlling The Roboquad

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It is important to know that this robot will not run on electricity. It is made to do its job by itself. But if you want to control the Roboquad with your own hands, you can attach a wireless device like a raspberry ketone to the arduino or the servos. Then use the Bluetooth technology integrated into these devices to communicate with the computer via the radio waves.

The hexapod robot kit is completely assembled using the open source programming language called the Arduino. The Arduino board connects the hexapod to sensors and servos through a serial port. The onboard microprocessor communicates with the user’s computer using the serial data. The arguing software enables you to program your hexapod robotic frame with codes that are based on the physical characteristics of your hexapod and other parameters.

Controlled From The Computer

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The ex-robot is controlled from the computer using a serial cable or Bluetooth. The user’s software enables the user to specify movement directions, start time and speed of the motor. If a connection is not established, it will self-program to fall back to its resting state. This robot is powered by four AA batteries which can be recharged using the USB connector supplied with the ez-builder.

The hexapod robot control system consists of four major components – transmitter/receiver, servos, the ex-builder and the software. The transmitter/receiver is an A/R stereo receiver and consists of a plastic case and a thin rectangular box containing the electronics. The servos are mounted on the outside of the plastic case. The software is an easy-to-use programming package that enables the owner to easily program its settings. A pre-built DIY RC model RC car is required for using the transmitter/receiver with this kit.

Robotic Enthusiasts

Robotic enthusiasts are attracted to the hexapod robot kit because it is a combination of two robots – the first robot is the remote controlled electric bike Roboquad and the second robot is the hexapod robot. Both these robots have been designed to perform similar tasks which makes them suitable to be combined. In fact, the hexapod robot has been programmed so that it can be used as an Arduino robot and the eZ-builder as an Arduino robot.

Since both these robots operate on the same operating platform, the performance and speed of each are pretty much the same. Moreover, the robot architecture, controls and programming are all the same in both these robots. In order for this combination kit to work, you need to purchase an off-the-shelf electric motor controller (or Servo Motor Controller) and connect it to the arduino Uno board through a USB connector.


This controller will then allow you to control the servos using your computer keyboard. You can either download or buy a step-by-step instructional set for building your own hexapod robot from scratch. This instructional set usually comes with detailed diagrams and clear video instructions that walk you through every step of building your hexapod robot from start to finish.

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