Robot Dogs Have Arrived!

Robots are an extraordinary human-made creation that is taking over this world at present. Moreover, robots can be seen in so many different shapes, sizes, and designs. Hence, different kinds of robots are invented for various purposes. The primary use of a typical robot is to help humans in their work. For example, to communicate with people, carry out surgeries, treat the patients in the hospital, and so on. Just like all other robots, robot dogs are also a fantastic creation of man. Likewise, it is known as the pet of the robotic word.

This dog was designed to resemble a real dog, not only in appearance but also in its behaviors and acts. Mark Tilden created the first-ever robot dog based on his ten years of work in robotics. 

Robo Sapien is the name of the robotic dog designed by Mark Tilden. Though it is known to be Mark Tilden, who created the first robot dog, the exact history of this robot is not understood correctly. 

People in the past tried to design such a robotic toy, but sources do not give us the exact information. As a result, Samuel James Lloyd and Matt Lucas invented this robot pet. Additionally, one of Mark Tilden’s significant projects for NASA was designing robots that could explore the Planet Mars. 

What Can Robot Dogs Do?

A robot pet can bark and make sounds like a dog, wag its tail, walk around, play with toys and respond to commands or orders of humans. These are the things a typical robot dog can do.

In this present world, there are robotic dogs that are much more advanced and can carry out even more functions than the others. Let us find out more about them.

 The Most Advanced Robot Dogs

Robot Dogs Have Arrived!

ChiP is currently the world’s most advanced robot dog. This is a puppy and not a big, very grown dog. This dog was created by WowWee robotics. WowWee robotics is a private Hong Kong-based Canadian company. This is a world-famous company that designs, develops, and markets all kinds of robotic toys. Other notable creations of the WowWee company are: 

  • REV (a robotic car)
  • MiPosaur (a robotic dinosaur) 
  • Karma kitty (a future predicting toy)
  • MIP robot (a dual-wheeled balancing robot) 

Robot Camera Remote Control Device

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Solar Toys Insect Moving Robots

Make your kids day special by purchasing solar insect toys moving robots. There are a variety of options for your kid like a cockroach, bug, an ant, mouse, crab, beetle, and more. The insect robots start moving as soon as they are intact with sunlight. These fantastic toys are for both kids and adults.

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