Transformers Universe on the Wii

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Big Robot is a UK based business which specialises in creating online computer games, most notably, robot games. The business was founded by Jim Rossignol in March 2021. Since then it has received high accolades and is one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK. It is run entirely off of the Internet, but has also launched several other interactive and digital products.

At its core, the game it produces is a game of robots who combine to complete missions and goals. You must complete levels within certain time limits, unlocking special rewards along the way. You do this through strategically planning your moves and making use of different techniques such as combining, wall walking, and picking up items. It’s quite impressive how quickly you are able to combine different robots to complete various tasks, particularly when fighting large groups of opponents. In this sense, it takes the concept of the giant robot and mecha design to a new level.

An Overview

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I spent hours of enjoyable online play testing the game. Naturally, since this is a video game, some players found it a little too challenging, especially when matched with other online players. However, this is perhaps where the game suffers. Due to the way the game is designed to match the player’s skills, you really need to work to master it. That said, a lot of players find that the game can be frustrating and needs a fair bit of training before getting a hang of using the various techniques. For those who don’t mind this, Big Robot has a great deal of fun to offer, and for those who are looking for an enjoyable online game with a strong plot and lots of strategy, this is a perfect game.

As with any mecha or science fiction themed game, the graphics and animations in Big Robot are top notch. The use of 3D rendered models really help to bring to life the game’s concepts, and the movements of the giant robots are engaging as well. The voiceover work is very good as well, adding a level of human emotion to the proceedings. Overall, this is a very good game that will most certainly become one of those must-have video games this season. It should prove to be a very good replacement for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which flops because of poor animation.

Anyone who has played the original Transformers will be able to understand the basic premise of the game. You control a group of human robots who have been ordered by their creators to deliver a secret assignment from the evil Decepticon leader Megatron to Earth. Everything goes well for the human robots for a while, until an unforeseen incident causes them to be put under attack by Megatron. Now the human robots must race against the evil robot to reach safety and prevent the Earth from being devastated. If the humans fail, then the Decepticons win and rule the human race.

Transformers Universe

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This game borrows a lot of its concepts from the older versions of the Transformers series. You can find robots on the field shooting fire at each other, or you can see huge machines launching devastating attacks on each other. There is even a boss battle involving the big robot itself. In the course of the game, you will fight through many missions and levels while using various weapons and power-ups to turn the odds in your favor. As you progress through the game, you will be rewarded with power-ups which allows you to transform into different robots and complete different tasks as well.

While you can play the game using the traditional controller or using the online game modes, the online mode is where the real fun lies. Playing with the keyboard and mouse isn’t much of a challenge, and really all you need is a broadband Internet connection to play. The graphics and animations are pretty good, and the game runs at a smooth 30 frames per second. You can also opt to play the game with three or four players over a wireless network.

If you haven’t played any of the older versions of the Transformers, I suggest you do so. It’s not that the games are unenjoyable, far from it; they’re just a classic that appeals to the younger generation. Regardless of whether you’re playing on your home computer, or hooked up to a console, you’re guaranteed to have a great time online. I especially recommend playing the newer games on the Wii, since the controls are very sensitive and the motion detection is fantastic. The graphics are high quality, and the online interface makes it simple to communicate with other players to enjoy the game even more.

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