Top 5 Best Humanoid Female Robots In The World

humanoid female robots

Live with technology is so much easier than you can travel to different countries in a few hours, see and talk to a person sitting thousands of miles away from you, and whatnot. Not imagine that you are traveling in a country and the local tour guide you hire is not a person but a robot. Or you are watching the news and the news anchor or presentation is a robot. Or maybe the customer service agent in your nearest call or phone center is also a robot. Don’t freak out because it is not a dream or a fictional future story but the current reality. 

In this era of technology and innovation more and more companies are creating human-like robots. Many of which you might be aware of like some of the famous humanoid female robots. These humanoid robots are created to behave like humans that will work closely with actual humans in the hospitality and customer service sectors. 

So let’s just introduce some of the famous humanoid female robots to you in this article. 

5 Humanoid Female Robots

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Nadine was created by Kokoro Japan with her software program built at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She works as a customer service agent at AIA Singapore. She’s the humanoid female robot that has a human-like body, way of speaking, she can shake hands and talk with you as a professional. Besides this, she speaks six languages which are English, French, German, Hindi, Chinese and Japanese too. 


Sophia is the humanoid female robot that got citizenship in the nation. It is formed by Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based company. She got the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. She is so popular and has appeared in many conferences with the USA. She utilizes machine perception to identify human faces and comprehend gestures and emotional expressions.


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This humanoid female robot was made by Hiroshi Ishiguro, director of the intelligent robotics gallery at Osaka University. She is so intelligent and contains amazing speaking qualities. Erica can’t walk but she is so well at interacting with humans and she can change her facial expressions according to the discussion. 

Junko Chihiro

This humanoid female robot works in the aqua city of Odaiba. She is created by Toshiba. She has a vast range of facial expressions and has wonderful speaking skills. She is developed with speech synthesis and natural language processing. She is mainly designed for the travel and tourism business. Since she has good communication abilities. 


These were the five humanoid female robots that are quite famous since the day they were introduced to the real world. Get ready for a whole different world when these humanoid female robots and other robots will become an essential part of human life. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you and you got useful information about humanoid female robots. 

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