Asimo Robots And Most People

Robots are a huge blessing to the human race. There are many things that robots do that a human being can’t. The Asimo robots are the most sought-after robot today. Asimo stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. The robot was first created by Honda close to two decades ago. The robot was a significant improvement to previous prototypes. Have you ever seen a walking robot?

The main advantage of this robot is that it does not consume so much space. Additionally, the robot has a running speed of close to 1.9 miles per hour. Interestingly, despite the operating speed being high, the robot does not collide with any obstacles.

What Are The Abilities Of The Asimo Robots?

NEW YORK – APRIL 17: Honda Motors demonstrates its Asimo robot during a media preview of the 2014 New York International Auto Show in New York. The show opens with a sneak preview to the public April 18th and runs through April 27th. (Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

Asimo robots remain the most fantastic gift of artificial intelligence. The machine has several abilities, which makes it stand out from the rest. Some of these include:

  • The robot can accurately recognize any objects in motion. There are several other robots, if any, which can identify any object in motion. Object recognition is possible as the robot captures the image of the object then interprets it.
  • The robot can also interpret any voice command. Did you know that the robot can accurately recognize three people ago? The software in the robot is highly robust as well as accurate invoice interpretation.
  • It can sense when you offer to shake its hand; Asimo robots are capable of interpreting any human movement. This enables it to recognize whenever a person offers a handshake. Next time you submit a hand as well as see it respond, don’t freak out!
  • The robot always responds whenever its name is mentioned. How awesome is that? This robot is among the fewest robots with this unbelievable ability. Additionally, the robot can tell when one addresses it.
  • This artificial intelligence invention replies to any question. The robot is capable of recognizing any sounds and communication directed to it. Therefore, when you pose a question, it looks at you and responds by a nod. Interestingly, the robot can also verbalize their response.
  • It senses hindrances on its path. You may be wondering how the robot walks around. Each of these robots possesses two cameras in the head that detects obstacles. Also, this helps it, in evading those obstacles to avoid any collision.


The machine always detects the ground surface. This is arguably the most mind-blowing ability of this invention. The robot has a laser sensor that detects the ground surface whenever you place it on it. Furthermore, the robot also has an infrared sensor in it. The primary function of the sensor is to discern the pairs of the markings on the floor correctly.

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In conclusion, Asimo robots are the best partner for you. What makes it even better is its ability to discern obstacles as well as evade collisions. Watching these robots function is very entertaining. Additionally, the robot poses no danger to human beings. Technological advancement has made life more bearable as well as straightforward. The robot’s ability to move around makes it the perfect assistive device for you.

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