The World Of Robots

As you all know, robots are machines. Nothing can be easier to define it in layman terms. Just like all other machines, these are also capable of carrying out tasks.

Some can only carry out a specific task, while some others are capable of carrying out multiple tasks. An external device controls this machine, or the control may be embedded within. Before we go into more detail, let us first have a look at the history of it.


The World Of Robots

William Grey Walter invented the first electronic autonomous robot with complex behavior. The name of the very first ones that were created by him was ‘Elmer’ as well as ‘Elsie,’. The construction took place between 1948 and 1949. 

George Devol invented the very first digitally operated robot in 1954. This machine was called the ‘unimate.’ Also, this invention if George Devol was the foundation of the modern robotics industry. 

At present, robots are a common topic in newspapers as well as social media. There is a considerable number of different types. This fantastic creation was invented to make the life of humans easier. Also, as just like that, the life of humans in certain countries of the world have already started to become more comfortable. So, what are the types present? Here we go:

Types Of Robots By Application

The World Of Robots
  • Industrial – Cartesian robot SCARA robot, Dual-arm robot
  • Medical – The da Vinci surgical robot, The Cenex germ-zapping robot, The CyberKnife, Petman
  • Military – Ripsaw MS1, Guardium, DRDO Daksh
  • Space – Robonaut 2 or R2, Valkyrie, AILA
  • Domestic or household – Robear 
  • Entertainment – Sophia 
  • Hobby and competition – Nao 

Types Of Robots By Locomotion And Kinematics

  • Stationary – SCARA robot, Cartesian robot 
  • Legged – ATLAS
  • Wheeled – Pepper 
  • Swimming – Ocean one 
  • Flying – Hexapod
  • Mobile spherical – GroundBot, QueBall 

Above mentioned are the different types of robots are examples of each. Let us now have a detailed look at a few kinds.

Industrial Ones

You could say that industrial robots are the ones which help in the manufacturing industry. Usually, these are capable of doing all the work labors of the manufacturing industry do. For example, painting, packaging, welding, labeling, and so on. 

Medical Robots

The purpose of medical robots is in its name itself. Medical ones are used in the medical field. The typical ones of this category do the job of a nurse. Looking after patients, delivering food to them, supplying needed stuff to the doctors as well as patients, and much more. Used in the surgical field to carry out surgeries. 

Military Ones

Military robots, used in the defense force. Mainly for sniper detection, neutralizing explosive devices, etc.

Space Ones

Space robots are flying ones that go out to outer space on missions. These can explore other planets as well as external space bodies.

Doesn’t all this sound interesting? Well, it certainly does to me. The world of robotics is fantastic as well as unbelievable. But, this does not end here. The future of robotics has more in store for us!

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