The Nintendo Labo Review Kit

nintendo labo

The Nintendo Labo Review Kit is a toy-con creation kit for use with the Nintendo Switch, where you can build your Toy-Con creations. The kit contains everything you need to complete eight different DIY projects and includes a software package that lets you use what you’ve made in multiple ways.

The purpose of this Nintendo Labo review is to explore whether or not this product would be worth purchasing for someone who has never owned a Nintendo console before, as well as those who have but want something new. To do so, we will explore the following topics: What’s Included?; Assembly; Software Packages; Playability & Fun Factor; Development Potential.

We’ll also compare it to other similar products on the market today and highlight any pros and cons for this product.

What’s Included?

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The kit contains all of the materials you need to build eight different Toy-Con creations: two RC cars, a fishing rod, a house, a motorbike, a piano, a toy-con house, and two different go-karts. It also contains the software disc and all of the tools you need to put it together: stickers, tape rollers, connector pieces, and much more.


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The assembly process for this product is relatively easy, as long as you follow the instructions carefully. The first few steps will ask you to fold certain pieces of cardboard into a specific shape and then tape them together. Doing this accurately can be difficult at times because the shapes are unfamiliar and detailed, but once you get past those first few steps it becomes much easier from there on out.

Software Packages

The software package included in the kit provides you with six different games to play. Some are more fun than others, but overall they’re enjoyable for what they are. It also includes a software feature that allows you to create your custom style. This can be fun if you have time to do it, but in our opinion, it’s not the best use of the software included.

Playability & Fun Factor

The toy-cons that are built with this kit are big, durable, and easy to hold. The only problem is that once you build them they don’t fit together right for storage, which means you have to disassemble everything every time you want to put it away. This can be frustrating because it takes time to reassemble everything.

Development Potential

The product is fun right out of the box, but there’s room for creativity. Many different programs detail how you can change what’s included here into something completely different, like a robot backpack or an interactive wall.


Variety of games to play

Easy assembly

Changeable software for custom designs

Durable materials


Toy-cons don’t fit together properly for storage

Some of the included games aren’t very fun 6.5/10

Overall, this product is great for people looking for something new. The included games are enjoyable and the variety of options available to customize your project is fun as well. There aren’t too many cons other than it not fitting together properly when you’re done with the assembly, but that isn’t an issue because you just have to disassemble it and reassemble it later for storage.

This Nintendo Labo kit is a great gift idea for kids, especially those who love to build and create. It’s also perfect for adults who want something new to do with their Nintendo Switch console. Although it may not be the most exciting toy-con kit on the market today, The Nintendo Labo Review Kit does offer some interesting features that aren’t found in other kits like customizable software and durable materials that can stand up to hours of playtime. If you’re looking for something different than what your kids already have or if you just want an excuse to buy yourself a new game system, this Nintendo Labo might be worth checking out!

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