The Humanoid Or The Robot”

The humanoid came into existence only after the invention and electric coverage of science and technology were at its best. Over the centuries, the giant leap that has been taken by technology is no less than an incredible achievement by the whole of mankind.

From a tiny pin to giant plants and machinery along with the majestic buildings that we witness all around have something astronomical to owe to science. The diseases which in earlier times were considered to be fatal are not only being cured properly now but are dealt with in utmost patience. And that is all because of the art of mankind which is Science.

What Science meant to the folks of the 20s is way different from what it means to the ones of the 21st century. Science has insanely capsized the whole idea of the world for the people. Now people are navigating towards the age, which is entirely based on the principles of science and technology.

What the folks of the 21st century expect is a world that is Science oriented. People are now focusing on increasing the efficiency of the effectiveness of their respective work by the involvement of a science-invention, which works entirely as a human. And that is when humanoids came to power.

What Exactly Are Humanoids

Humanoids are basically artificial humans who have the ability to work like humans as long as the appropriate function is in their program. A humanoid is a combination of two words, which include human+oids=humanoid. The word ‘oid’ comes from a Latin word which relates to likeness or resemblance. So that is how humanoids derive their name.

What Are The Various Functions Of The Humanoid?

Humanoids serve a number of crucial functions. Initially, humanoids are mainly for those jobs that are hard to do by humans. So mainly they are put to use in heavy equipment industries. But nowadays, in order to increase the efficiency of the work humanoids work in all the industries. To one’s utmost surprise, it is quite hard to believe, but as of now, humanoids serve the purpose of research as well. It implies that humanoids now work exactly like humans. When we mention research by humanoids, one more scientific term worth mentioning is artificial intelligence.

These technological humans denote an incredibly giant leap towards a transition from a phase of complete ignorance to a state of complete advancement. Humanoids are at their best when the purpose behind their development brings in the advancement of each and every fellow of the world. The devices need to properly plan, organize, direct and communicate. Without the presence of an apt scientific approach, humanoids may not serve the desired purpose. Science, technology, and humanoids tend to complete trios and sometimes, without which the 21st century seems incomplete.

The Almighty has blessed humans with divine powers, but the essence lies in its perfect and integrity full execution. That is when the real check of human probity comes to life.

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