The Hexbug Nano V2

The Hexbug Nano V2 is a fresh and unique nano. It is a brand new breed of leaving behind the traditional Hexbug Nanos. It has been developed with a new structure and looks. The new Nano V2 bugs can climb up and down in any direction. It can go vertically and horizontally around the way. It passes through various loops and tubes.

The Bug Transformation

There are three rubber spies available on the back of Nano V2. This small micro robotic creature takes the help of the physics of vibration to move through several levels of tubes. It goes as high as your V2 set will carry it to explore its surroundings and environment. This little thing can move through the tube depending on its feet or back. It can pass another bug in the same tube to escape the traffic jam.

Twisted Tube In Hexbug Nano V2

A full 180-degree twist is not a big deal for Nano V2. Its twisted tube enables the V2 bug to move through and come out. Hexbug Nano V2 is an efficient product and can do a lot of stuff. It also performs a barrel roll trick in the mid of the air.

Funnel In Hexbug Nano V2

After Nano V2 drops into the funnel, it becomes invisible. It is a mystery where it will go. You won’t know which direction it will take to move next. It can dive down from great heights or climb towards the funnel from a fixed cell. It can fall freely using the funnel to reach a random exit door.

Availability Of Hexbug Nano V2

A whole new breed of Hexbug Nano V2 is available for purchase. It is available in exciting and beautiful shades and colors. You can purchase all the available Nano V2s to build them together. It is available in a group of around 10 different colors.

Connecting Tube To Tube

When you connect tubes with other tubes, you can create and design your Nano V2 set in any way that you desire. You can connect different tubes to let the bugs move as high as you can build the design. They might also pass each other in the process. You can also add twists and turns to check the Nano V2’s run up and down.

Connect Tube To Cell

The Nano V2 fun starts when the tubes interact with the cells. This way, you will unfold the V2 world. Nano V2 bugs can take entry through a given hole of the tube. Then it will pass through the cell and will exit from the same hole or a different one. It can also choose a different route for its exit. It is hard to predict the way it will move out.

Connect Cell To Cell

You can increase the height of your Nano V2 by using pins or notches. It will connect different cells with each other. The Nano V2 can explore so many levels that you create by connecting cell to cell. You can check out the limitations of your Nano V2 and experience how much height it can achieve or climb.

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