The Growing Importance Of Personal Robots Of The Future

personal robots of the future

In the future, humans may have personal robots as assistants to perform some of the work that has for now been left to machines. Robotic software programs will be able to do menial tasks such as picking up a cup of coffee or dispensing soda. They will also be able to perform other simple tasks without much thought. Such as opening doors, cutting paper, and picking up thrown things. All of these tasks can be done by an intelligent robotic assistant with a high-tech computer mind running on complex algorithms.

However, the idea of having a robotic personal assistant sounds very appealing. The question is however, just how soon will such robots be available for sale? Will humans be the only ones purchasing them or will they be made available to the military soon after they are developed? One of the biggest questions about this technology is whether it will replace humans completely or just serve as a helpful addition. This is a difficult area to speculate in the present period due to the fact that no one yet knows what technology will be available within ten years.

This Area Of Research Is On The Rise


What is clear though is that this area of research is on the rise. As social robotics advances, it is likely that we will see more robotic assistants popping up in our lives. Social robotics is a broad term that covers a number of technologies that are designed to help people perform socially. This may include robots that can teach other robots in its community, as well as other technologically adept humans interacting with each other.

The use of artificially intelligent robotic androids may seem like a surefire way to achieve social robotics. If humans could outsource some of the mundane tasks to artificially intelligent machines, then they would not have to worry about the emotional issues that many of us have come to recognize as a problem. The same goes for businesses that have robots of the future available to work at their businesses. These robots will be able to take care of scheduling appointments, picking products that need to be replenished in stock, and even order products without the need for a human assistant. While these are all very important tasks that we as humans are not meant to do, if these robots can do them more efficiently and effectively, businesses will save a lot of money by not having to pay for personal assistants.

The Most Pressing Issue

In fact, this concept of using robotic assistance to assist humans may be the most pressing issue of our time right now. Many experts feel that we are currently in the brink of a grand challenge to solve. If the machines can do everything, will we be left to fend for ourselves? This is one of the biggest fears of people today, which is why a lot of interest is being shown in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence right now.

There is no doubt that artificially intelligent robotic androids will play an important role in the fight against poverty and in our efforts to prevent the deterioration of our environment. In fact, there will already be a lot of robotic assistance being provided by big government programs like the United Nations and other international organizations. But, on a smaller scale and for better social intelligence there will need to be a shift in thinking. Humans need to be taught how to work with artificially intelligent robots and social intelligence will have to become more naturalized so that the relationship between humans and robots can be both organic and friendly.

Needed For Coordinating Our Defense System

Social robotics will also be needed for coordinating our defense system against rogue nation-states and terrorist groups. Right now, there are already some robotic programs that are helping combat the remnants of Al Qaeda in the Middle East. But, with the development of artificially intelligent robotic androids, it will be possible to have these robotic programs collaborating with local authorities and law enforcement agencies to serve at the people’s own discretion. Therefore, the use of robotic technology will give us the ability to collaborate with each other while still ensuring privacy and safety.

Perhaps, the most pressing concern right now is whether artificially intelligent robotic systems will end up being self-sufficient and able to do everything themselves, which would result in humanity becoming a machine and therefore ruled by a computer. There are some people who are worried about the prospects of an artificial intelligent robotic android ruling over all of humanity and this is probably a realistic fear considering that the first self-sufficient robotic AI will be those made of carbon nanotubes that are too weak to fight against fire.

Final Words

However, given enough time, even these artificially intelligent robotic insectoid systems will be able to evolve into a social being and start to interact with humans in a meaningful way. The ultimate goal of artificially intelligent robotic androids could be to form human relationships and to help humankind adapt to the next stage of evolution, the robotic stage.

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