The Dragonoid King II Robot Kit – New Toy Review

kingii dragon robot kit

Build a Dragonoid with Artificial Intelligent Intelligence. With the innovative Kingii Dragonoid Robot Kit you easily build an intelligent robotic reptile with artificial intelligence. Similar to a real-life reptilian, once the robot senses danger it quickly changes its posture, opens its mouth, extends and swings its highly flapped and sharp teeth in a menacing manner, and threatens the person who might pose a threat. The ability to speak is also included with the kit. It will tell you what foods to eat, which direction to go, and which direction it needs to head in to escape from your supervision.

The Dragonoid King II Robot Kit

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Kingii Dragonoid Robot Kit is a great educational toy for children to learn how to make a better life for themselves. You see, reptiles run on much the same system of logic as humans do. Therefore, if we can teach them to think and reason they will be able to develop much better thinking brains and reasoning abilities, thus improving their thinking abilities in turn. This means that they will be able to improve their problem solving skills, which in turn improves their thinking and reasoning abilities. Therefore, in turn the kids will have a better life.

The Kingii dragonoid kit is available in about fifteen different kits. You will see that all of these are relatively similar in terms of appearance. They all have a red base, four legs, large red eyes, a black tail, large ears, a big smiling face, big nostrils, and a proboscis. All of these parts come in plastic and the instructions are all printed in easy to understand language. No need to be a child to work on this project either. Even a two-year-old child can accomplish this project!

What is really neat is that the manufacturer has included several sets of instructions with the kit so that the children can follow them easily. You will also find that there are some videos that come with the kit, so that you can watch the entire thing right from beginning to end, if you wish. There is even a temperature gauge to monitor the temperature of your child’s toys! So, you know this is not just a regular battery operated remote reptile pet that your child picked up at the store.

Features Of The Dragonoid King II Robot Kit

Your children will love the fact that this toy is powered by a high voltage battery, which makes it easier to operate and keeps the snake charged up as well. If you have never seen a king or a dragonoid before, you are in for a real treat. Kids will not only have fun with the king, but they will want to keep trying to get the snake to move. It is truly one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have watching one of these creatures move.

When you get ready to let your kids play with their new snake and king robot toy set, make sure they know that the king is not always winning. The king is still the strongest and you will need to put more work into his programming than for the robot. The king is going to have more programming than the robot, especially since he is the largest and most powerful of the three.

Best For Kids

This kit is perfect for any young child in mind who wants to experience the excitement of learning how to become a robot in their very own toy. Their imagination is the only limit when it comes to the type of things they can do with this set of dragons. Even if you do not think your child will ever become a robot, you might consider buying this set of kits for your daughter to have as a present. She will have a great time playing with the dragonoid toy and your daughter will enjoy the programming that goes into making this toy.


This is definitely a great gift idea for any occasion, including birthdays. The king is such a powerful creature, so he makes a great addition to any child’s toy box. Your little one will love the toy and will learn many things while playing with the dragonoid set. They will get to be a dragon, rule over people, have an army of warrior dragonoids, breathe fire, fly, eat food, and much more. They will be entertained for hours each day with this incredible toy.

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