Scara And The Amazing Things

Scara is a robot that is designed to promote the concept of group robots. The term SCARA stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm. This robot was invented in the year 1981 by Sankyo Seiki, Pentel. This robot is used for many types of group operations, where it can make a definite success in that field.

Due to the features that are available in Scara, it can reliably transfer parts from one cell to another without any mistakes. This robot has a relatively high speed compared to other assembly robots.

This efficiency in the robot can be due to the technology used in its system. Usually, the methods in these robots are connected in a serial way, i.e., the system is connected one after the other. Scara robots should be appropriately handled since a small default in a particular order will cause the entire system to fail.

These robots are used in many business firms that are involved in assembly tasks. Also, to perform the assembly tasks of any business, Scara replaces the position of human workers. Usually, a robot costs about $ 46,000 initially.

The robots are used in many assembly departments of companies around the world, which ease the work as well as save time. This robot is designed in a way that two arms are joined on a base (this is similar to human arm structure).

Uses Of Scara

These robots are used for the following purposes:

  • To rotate
  • Pick and place
  • To groove

Scara robots are the fastest assembly robot in the market today. This feature is designed to do the task efficiently and effectively. Using these types of robots in the assembly section will save your space since these robots require relatively small space. These robots are very fast compared to other robots that work in a factory.

The Advantages Gained From Scara Robots

  • High speed as well as high accuracy
  • It contains the feature of clean-room specifications.
  • Limited space is required.
  • It can have a shorter reach range.
  • The movements are limited compared to other robots.

The Disadvantages Seen In Scara Robots

  • They carry only a limited amount of load.
  • It cannot flex accordingly for every application.

Scara robots perform the pick and place assembly operations in a significant way, i.e., and it performs the task at high speed and with a high level of accuracy.


The Scara can be the best choice for any assembly task since it can perform the job reliably and more efficiently than a human. These robots are less in complexity, and unnecessary costs are not required. The robot is designed in a way that it has a clean-room specification, so there is less risk in the space itself. These robots perform a high level of different tasks that would ensure the quality of the service. Also, the output of the service done by a robot on an assembly line would be more efficient and effective.   

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