Step By Step Guide For Building Humanoid Robots

building humanoid robots

In the 21st century, robotics is the heart of the industrial revolution. It is both boon and bane for society. Keeping this in mind, many people started building humanoid robots that are capable of interacting with humans without hurting them. The goal of humanoid robots is to assist humans during dangerous jobs but not to replace them.

So now let’s learn the steps involved in building humanoid robots.

4 Steps For Building Humanoid Robots

A train crossing a bridge over a river

Follow these simple steps to prepare a Humanoid Robot.

Make The Head And Frame Of The Body

A large glass window

Tools Required-

6 servos

4 lever servo

8 high tors servo

4 micro servo

Pinball or a broken head Robo Sapien

A camera that supports a microcontroller

PVC pipe

A pair of scissor

Plastic water bottle

Strong glue

Scale and pencils

First of all, you need to prepare the head using the pinball or the broken head. Add a camera shield to the head. Then for the face, you can make use of a transparent plastic bottle. Cut the bottle as per your requirements and apply the Glue to stick it with the camera shield. During the entire process keep on adding a microserver to eat body parts for coordination between vertical and horizontal movement.

Prepare A Leg

While building humanoid robots, the preparation of legs is very crucial. You can prepare the leg in the same manner as you made the head of the robot. For legs make use of PVC pipe. For knees make use of the servo frame and screw it together. But remember to keep the height and weight of both the leg the same and while joining the knee and ankles add a servo for coordination.

Make A Hand And A Gripper

Making a hand is the same as a leg. But you need to pay special attention to the gripper. Make a gripper just like you prepare a papercraft but use PVC material and a little mechanism instead of using paper.

Merge All The Parts And Finish The Process

The last step in building humanoid robots is to assemble all the parts. For this step, you can make use of strong glue or screw as per your choice. Also, prepare a battery holder for the body of the humanoid robot. Give the design to your robot as per your wish by making little variations. Once this is done your humanoid robot is ready. Give it a test and if you feel something is missing, fix it soon.


Building humanoid robots is not rocket science but can still be a challenging task as you need to take care of the servo. You may also need to give several tries before you get a final order. If you have any doubt in the entire process, do not forget to see a YouTube video to get more clarity.

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