Sony Aibo – The Robo Pet

Japan is known for its advanced technology. Most of the new technological inventions are done in Japan. Sony Corporation is a big company in Japan. Also, it owns a group of companies which provide services in many sectors from electronics to medial business Sony has left an indelible impression. Sony Company was the one that founded the Sony Aibo.

Initially, it was opened as an electronic shop and later in 1946 after joining hands with, Akio Morita it established as a company. Sony announced a prototype Aibo (stylized Aibo, artificial intelligence robot) in mid-1998. The first model for consumers was launched in May 1999. Sony had been releasing new models every year until 2006. Later on, due to some reasons, the company stopped its production in 2006.

Features Of Sony Aibo

Sony Aibo is a robotic dog with artificial intelligence that can sit, fetch and mimic its owner’s behavior. Though it is a Robo pet it has adorable features. These features include LED as eyes, nose, and back with cameras in it. It has also got sensors all over its body on the back, head, and chin. These robots have microphones, actuators, and other technology installed within which helps the robots learn its owner’s behavior using AI and act accordingly.

Sony Aibo has launched six models till now. They stopped their production in the year 2006 and relaunched it with many advanced changes in 2018. It is a robot puppy edition. This is a sixth-generation robotic dog.

Differences Between Previous Model And New Model

The biggest difference from previous models is a new cloud-based AI engine that relies on a powerful onboard computer as well as an advanced image sensor to make Aibo smarter and more lifelike. Aibo can recognize its owner’s face, expression, detect smiles. It can identify the words of praise and learn new tricks over time.

Purposes Of The Sony Aibo

This concept is keeping in mind having a robotic pet that has the capacity to interact with its human owners. It is unlike a living pet without any high maintenance. The best part of this product is that it is capable to enhance its learning, mature and act accordingly in response to external stimuli. Sony Aibos are in extensive use in the field of education and research.

Special Features Of Sony Aibo

Sony Aibo is an entertainment robot with sensitive features. Also, it has been built in such a way that it is able to sense the surrounding environment. Its learning capacity makes it mature over time. Having an Aibo is very similar to having a pet dog without cleaning its poop. Each Aibo develops its own unique personality according to its surroundings.


Aibo means companion in Japanese. It is considered to be a true companion which has real emotions and acts according to the instincts. Also, it will develop itself with the loving attention of its owner as time passes. As it works on voice command the more you will interact it will develop faster. Sony Aibo has gone a long way in creating a relationship between humans as well as robots. The best part of this is that you can train the robot as per your needs and develop them accordingly.

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