Sony Aibo: Tantalizing Facts

Sony Aibo; Tantalizing Facts

Do you believe in the power of artificial intelligence? Then you must have heard about Aibo. Sony Aibo stands for an artificial intelligence robot homonymous. These refer to a robot dog which was designed by Sony Corporation.

The company first made the announcement of the Aibo prototype in 1998. Sony Aibo is mainly intended for entertainment purposes.

Robot dogs refer to robots that closely look like a dog. The robot is usually designed to not only resemble dogs but also behave like them.

What’s The Cost Of Sony Aibo?

Sony Aibo; Tantalizing Facts

The cost of these robots heavily relies on the version a customer uses. The most recent version costs $2899. The previous version only cost $1899.

What Can Sony Aibo Do?

Sony Aibo; Tantalizing Facts

Most people wonder what these robot dogs do. This concern is mainly due to the robot’s exorbitant price as well as its striking resemblance to a dog. Well, here is a list of some of the activities the ‘artificial dogs’ perform.

  • The robot dog uploads all of your interactions with it: Robot dogs mainly learn how to become the best pet through uploading interactions. This means that the more a customer interacts with it, the better the robot dog becomes.
  • Sony Aibo captures the owner’s photo: This robot dog has a sizeable memory, which enables it to store crucial files. The large memory size allows it to capture as many faces as possible. Additionally, the robot dog also gradually adapts to human behavior, such as smiling.
  • The robot dog can walk away: Sony Aibo is meticulously designed with four legs. The robot dog uses those legs to walk away. The beauty of this dog is that it produces no noise at all when moving.
  • Chasing after objects: As highlighted before, these robot dogs have four legs. The dog uses these legs to chase after objects such as a ball.
  • This robot dog barks: Are you lonely? Do you need a companion? Well, then you need to consider having this robot dog at your house. The dog keeps making some vague barking sounds. With this dog at your home, loneliness will be the least of your problems.
  • Plays with toys: Robot dogs are all highly intelligent devices. This makes this device to play with toys without damaging them.
  • Interacts with people: Sony Aibo uses special facial recognition technology to interact with people. The dog can communicate efficiently with any person that they encounter.


In conclusion, most people erroneously believe that a robot dog poses a danger to the owner. Firstly, it’s essential to recall that Sony Aibo is an intelligent device. Therefore, the robot dog owner has no reason to fear. The dog cannot harm the owner in any way, as it does not do anything else rather than what they were designed to do. You’ll never understand the enormous benefits of having a robot dog in your house. How stressful is it to have an actual dog in the house? The robot dog is the best substitute for real dogs

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