SolarBotanic Energy – An Educational Botanic Robot Kit

solar robot kit

A Solar Robot Kit is an educational toy that teaches kids how to build and maintain a solar robot. Create 14 different robots using this kit. Create a snail, crab, turtle, spider, fish, bird and all other animal like robot or car. Learn about electronics and solar energy. Great fun for kids of all ages to create with this solar kit.

Helps Kids To Learn About Solar Panel

With this kit, kids can build their own solar panel and batteries for the robot. There are also a controller and an instruction manual. This kit contains everything you need to build your own solar-powered robot. The kit comes with a transparent housing, motor rotation controller, solar cells and wiring. This kit is easy-to-use, simple-to-build and safe.

The Solar Robot Kit is available in two different kits: A Starter Kit and a Big DIY Kit. In the starter kit, you get a box with all the needed items for building a robot. It contains the solar cells and batteries required to power up the robot during your workouts. The big DIY kit contains a complete set of all the parts and materials for building a solar powered car or a robot.

How To Harness The Power Of Solar Energy

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With the kit, kids get to learn how to harness the power of solar energy. Kids can use this knowledge to help them achieve their goal of having a car. They can also make and race a solar-powered robot. Kids start with easy tasks like installing the solar cells to create their car. Each stage of the project gets more difficult as they go along.

You can find this kit online at various websites. Most of them offer this kit with a simple step-by-step instruction guide. There are also video tutorials included in the package that tell you step-by-step how to install the solar robot. If you purchase this solar powered car kit from a reputed company, it will provide you with support and help no matter how complex your project is.


The basic model of the Solar Powered Car kit contains a turtle-bot and two levels. The turtle-bot is a simple electric vehicle with four wheels. The two levels include a platform on which the car can be driven on. The platform has a ramp that can be extended or retracted. The two levels also contain sensors so that you know how hard you are driving the turtle-bot on the two levels.

The second level in this one educational solar robot kit consists of a control panel and transmitter. The transmitter is connected to the computer to upload the data and initiate the car’s movements. This package comes with the batteries and the sensors for the two levels. You can operate the car using an iPhone or Android app if you purchase this solar energy kit or a tablet PC if you buy the second level.


Children will learn a lot about how the environment is protected and what their impacts are on the planet when they drive this environmentally friendly turtle-bot. It doesn’t only allow children to play with an engaging and creative toy but also allows them to learn how to save the planet. SolarBotanic’s educational kits are designed to teach kids about solar energy while at the same time teaching them basic skills. It also allows them to understand the basic concepts behind alternative energy and how to transform the environment using sustainable energy sources. As we all know, the sooner we start using alternative energy and sustainable resources such as the sun’s power, the sooner we can start undoing some of the damage we have been doing to our planet.

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