Role Of Future Police Robots In The Cities

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Nowadays, artificial intelligence is becoming a big help for the police and other law enforcement institutions to fight crimes. They do almost everything from managing traffic to defusing bombs. Thus, saving the use of labor and humans lives. Also, we cannot forget that during this epidemic, these police robots helped a lot in managing the cities since human beings were at the risk of getting the virus. So police robots were used to eliminate the risk to human life. Considering this, we can say that future police robots can help a lot to change society.

These robots can be used to play different roles of police where human life can’t function. Or there is some risk to human life.

As Prison Guards

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In Pohang, South Korea, the first time robots were used as prison guards as an experiment. These robots guarded the prison with 3D depth cameras and two-way wireless communication systems. Also, these robots consist of special software that identifies different patterns in human behavior.

However, one supervisor supervises the robots using ipads. Also, these robots are not designed to interact with humans. Thus, it reduces any chances of mishandling of the machines.

Further, prison guards say that if this works well, it could reduce labor costs. Moreover, it will also ensure the safety of the prisoners.

As Traffic Police

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These robots are equipped with traffic lights and cameras so that they could efficiently regulate the traffic. The cameras that are installed in them send real-time images to the police.

Further, they work on solar power and consists of aluminum. Moreover, they have such a huge size to function as a tower on the jammed streets. In addition to this, the robots’ hands are made to withstand the hot climate for a year.

Many people confirm that this change has made people respect traffic rules more.

As Life Saving Guard

Emily is a life-saving robot invented in 2010. It works to save lives in the water bodies. Further, it is used for recovering and search missions using sonar technology.

Many accidents took place in the sea. However, humans cannot rescue every person due to their limitations and also due to overcrowding. And that is when Emily was found.

It is a four feet remote control floating vehicle that works to rescue almost two people each day. Moreover, it can easily move through the turbulent water. Also, it travels upto 24mph. When Emily reaches the spot, the human evacuees operate it using a remote and rescue the person.

The Bottom Line

We can assume that the police robot has a bright future in the future of cities. They can perfectly coordinate with the police intelligence units and provide them with real-time analytics. Further, it can save the lives of several humans who might be at risk. However, we must know that they function on the grounds we teach them. Also, there are risks that they might be misused. So it depends on the future to know the outcome of this process.

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