Realistic Humanoid Robots Will Never Replace Humans in Household Chores

realistic humanoid robots

Robotic engineers and artificially intelligent A.I. systems are trying to design and build very realistic robotic androids that could serve as part of the first wave of defence against a terrorist attack or to protect the troops during a battlefield. These fully robotic soldiers will be very beneficial in all these situations as they can not only take the hits as a human soldier can, but they will be fully equipped to fight back too. They will be fully protected by hard armor and weapons systems that cannot be breached. These robots can be built and supplied by any branches of the military such as Marines, Army, Navy or Air Force.

Realistic Humanoid Robots

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The most important factor with these robotic weapons systems is that they can act and move as real soldiers do. Although they may look human, they are fully equipped with a military-style suit and boots, they are not bad, they do not have to shave, and they don’t need to use their hands to operate their equipment. This means that they can fire their weapon with just their muscular movements.

They can be programmed to carry out a number of different tasks. They can be given a target and have them hit it. They can be programmed to search and clear a room if there is a fire. They can be programmed to move into position and provide cover fire if an enemy makes an advance upon the area. The possibilities of having a robotic sentry protect you are limitless.

Realistic Humanoid Robots In Military

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Since the military sees these robots as a blessing, they are also researching how to incorporate them with the public. This means that you can buy these robots for your own home and have them at your beck and call should an emergency situation occur. You will never have to worry about getting shot or running for help, as it will just take a few seconds for the system to transfer you into the role you will be playing. It will also allow you to use your own body as a shield if you are being attacked.

Although they are almost indistinguishable from human being, they are not fully sapient. Their operating system is based on memory banks. Once programmed, it will continue to operate on stored memory until it is overwritten by another program. These programs will be developed over time to ensure the robot always remains compliant. Once the original memory has been overwritten, the next generation of the AI system will be able to continue the program.

Military research has found that the best results come from a one thousand foot tall model that is controlled by a person. This allows the individual to take full control of the system while it continues to operate independently. If the individual becomes incapacitated, the system will revert to having a human mind controlling it.

Limitation Of Humanoid Robots

One limitation of this type of system is that the person cannot be in the same area as the robot. That is because of the way that the system is wired. Humans can not be in the same room with a high-tech robot. Therefore, if this were to become available, the security level would be increased, and this could potentially create a hazard. Another issue with the connection is that the person will need to wear a spacesuit similar to those used in outer space. That will protect them from any electric shock that may be administered by the robot itself.

Bottom Line

Realistic robotic insects and other models of robots have the ability to sense touch, detect heat, and even smell. These capabilities will give mankind hope for the future. Robotic insects androids will never turn into fully functional human being and will never have the emotions of a real-life human. In short, this technology will never replace the need for a human for domestic chores around the home. However, it will make doing those chores easier and more convenient.

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