New Vegas Bot Relief – Falsetto FallOut 4 Robot Repair Kit Review

The Falsetto FallOut 4 Robot Repair Kit is a great solution to the robot repair needs of the fans of Fallout. It modifies the character of the robot and makes it more interactive. You can now choose between different robot customization options. The kit comes with the bluebird snow plow, vanilla fur, fleece blazer, fleece scarf, mushroom cap, brown vest, and the burned scientist hoodie. The customization options make your own character unique.

Fallout 4 Robot Repair Kit

A airplane that is covered in snow

If you are having trouble finding the parts to repair your robot in the game, then the Falsetto FallOut 4 Robot Repair Kit comes to your rescue. This robot can be transformed into almost any robot that you want to. You can become an anti-static, laser gunner, Gatling gunner, Sentry bot, Recharger bot, Plasma cutter, combat robot, or even a combat medic, to name just a few of the available characters.

With this robot, you can easily create your own character as you like. You can have the torso blown up and turned into a hover tank. You can also customize the arms and legs. The legs can move up and down, and the torso stays in one place. The Falsetto FallOut 4 Robot Repair Kit comes with all the necessary robot building parts to give you the appearance and the performance you desire.

Falsetto Robot

A close up of a toy

The Falsetto robot can do almost anything that you can imagine for a little price. One of the most desired mods is the add-on armor that gives it the ability to withstand direct hits from the enemies. The torso armor will not only protect your robot from being shot at; it will also give it the ability to move and fire without difficulty. These mods and armor are not easy to find, but they are available for purchase if you are willing to spend the money.

The Falsetto FallOut 4 Robot Repair Kit includes an Eyebot Medic, an Assaultron, a Decepticon Heavy Duty Armor, and a Springloaded Battery Packs. There are additional optional items that can be purchased in the marketplace, but the ones listed here are the ones that come in stock with the repair kit. The Eyebot Medic will help you with healing in between missions, while the Assaultron will increase the effectiveness of your other robots. The Springloaded Battery Packs allow you to reload your batteries quickly so that you do not have to waste precious time reloading on an armor that is already worn out.

These bots have the ability to run faster and heal more quickly than any other robots. With all the perks included, the Falsetto FallOut 4 Robot Repair Kit will surely be a hit with any collector who wants a fully equipped and ready to battle robot. The Eyebot Medic can heal and speeds up recovery, making it perfect for a medic or scout bot. The Assault on is mostly used as an offensive unit, making it perfect for a two-way combat scenario.

Bottom Line

The Falsetto FallOut 4 Robot Repair Kit has the ability to be classified as a pieced together package, which means you can have a fully built unit at a lower price. This kit is only available on the internet, and because of its specialty, it is not widely sold on the market. The only way to obtain this is to either purchase the parts individually or through a retailer that carries the fallout brand. The only downfall to buying this package is that it does not come with fluffy, making it unable to be used as a primary or secondary bot.

If you are looking for a new and unique way to play fallout online, purchasing the Falsetto Fall Out 4, Robot Repair Kit would be a good choice. The modders and designers who made this product knew that there was a huge demand for something like this. They took their supply shortage into consideration and made a product that will surely be sought after. If you have a robot that needs repairs, why not give the fluffy one a try?

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