Military Robots of the Future Will Be Autonomous

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In the future we will have military robots which are built with two arms and two legs. They will operate using artificial intelligence, and they will be able to navigate into tough situations where humans are weak. We will have robots that can run faster than a speeding bullet. These military robots will protect our troops, but they will also prevent casualties from being higher than expected.

 The UAV Or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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One example is called the UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Military robotics experts call these remotely piloted vehicles or RPVs. They are like aerial taxis that can move around freely and they have the ability to move over long distances. The UAVs are controlled by an operator on the ground. They have a wide range of applications and one of the uses of the military robots of the future will be for a combatant force.

Some of these robotic systems are to replace the military’s current unmanned ground vehicle, the Manned Tactical Vehicles. UAVs are used for many military applications, such as searching for mines and improvised explosive devices. This new robotic system may someday save American soldiers from death in battle. The military may also use these robotic systems to search for enemy soldiers and to capture them alive so that they can be placed in captivity.

Advanced Military Technology 

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As mentioned earlier, we will have advanced military technology that will enable military robots to move on their own. In the future we will have military units which have their own robotic combat system. This will reduce costs and make soldiers more comfortable in fighting. The soldiers will have increased comfort due to the presence of robotic soldiers. In the future you may have a military robot that can communicate with its human counterpart. This may be one of the greatest discoveries of the future.

Use Of Robotic Weapons 

In addition to this the use of robotic weapons will increase. There will be an eventual merging of unmanned aerial vehicles, surface-to-air missiles and unmanned attack vehicles. Such a system would allow a military force to completely surround its enemy and obliterate him. As a result of this the soldiers will have increased lethality and would be able to win any battle. This is one of the reasons that President Obama has approved of the use of robotic weapons.

As mentioned, there will be many more advancements in military robots of the future. One such advancement will be a military robot that can take a person’s life and make it stop. Such a robot may be programmed to only kill enemy soldiers and then cease to exist. However, this will require a lot of technology and also a great deal of training for the soldiers to get used to this technology. Since a military robot will be using robotic killing techniques it will be similar to the concept of a Terminator.


The United States military already has a number of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) which it uses for a variety of purposes. One of its most used UAVs is the Raven, which is armed and operated by a machine called the Raven Eye-Control. This UAV can perform a wide variety of autonomous tasks. The military also uses UAVs for surveillance. These days the military robots of the future will not only be used for combat, but they will also be used for various other applications as well.

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