The Mega Robot

It is the dawn of a new age. Humankind is testing its limits in different spectrums of life. In the world of technology, new doors of development are opening. The technology has transmuted all fields of experience uniquely. What man was imagining has somewhat been achieved with the help of technology via a mega robot.

Decades ago, humans were thinking giant machines are fighting, and this has come true because now is the age of battle giant robots. Since childhood, people have been playing robot fighting games. But In Japan, two teams set the robot to fight in a steel mill, which was the first live original robot fight. Consequently, the robots used for fighting were the most massive combat robots.

The mega robot is a robot combat competition in a TV show series. The mega robot shows started back in the 1990s to 2000s. Moreover, later in 2010, it began its revivals. The show consisted of small robot staged fights for the audience.

History Of The Mega Robot

The extended version of the oldest robotic fights present in the USA is called “Critter Crunch,” which started in 1987. The first Critter Crunch fight was held in Denver. Later robot combats were launched in 1991. The combats were based in the southeastern United States. Here is a brief timeline:

  • 1987 – The first Critter Crunch competition
  • 1991 – Kelly Lockhart organized the first “Robot Battles.”
  • 1994 – Marc Thorpe held the first Robot Wars competition in San Francisco
  • 1997 – Rights to the Robot Wars name is transferred to British TV production company 
  • 1999 – Organize a new sport named BattleBots
  • 2000 – BattleBots weekly television program on Comedy Central. 
  • 2001 – Robotica weekly series.
  • 2002 – Foundation of the Robot Fighting League
  • 2004 – Robot Combat is included as an event at the ROBOlympics in San Francisco, California
  • 2008 – ROBOlympics changes its name to RoboGames 
  • 2015 – BattleBots returns to television as a summer series on the ABC television 
  • 2016 – Robot Wars returns to British television on BBC2
  • 2018 – BattleBots returns to the station after a 
  • 2019 – YouTube removed many videos of robot combat

The Rules 

The mega robot combat involves robots that are controlled with a remote. So the competitors control the robot to fight in the fight arena. The robot loses the game when it loses its power. Which may happen due to damage imposed by the other mega robot. Therefore, in the robot fight, one robot is pushed to a position where the other cannot make any move. Also, it is not permitted to leave the arena.

Fights typically take place in the arena, and there is a duration for every match. Therefore judges check the performances.

Mega robot fights are the same as human combats. Robot combat, are conducted in weight classes with maximum weight limits in the most substantial class. Additionally, most cumbersome robots tend to have more power and stronger armor. Furthermore, most oppressive robots are challenging to build and expensive as well. Hence, the mega robot has widespread popularity around the globe. Likewise, people interested in live robots also fight online mega robot games, and shows are famous. 

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