Lego Robot Kit You Should Purchase For Fun Time Playing Legos

lego robot kit

Lego has been a significant part of everyone’s childhood. They have always managed to put a smile on the kid’s face. The kits Lego has to offer have kept kids busy for hours. From houses, buildings trains to now a Lego Robot Kit. These kits can become educational if you are able to use them in the right manner and when you purchase this robot kit, you should integrate it in your kid’s educational area to keep them occupied and teach them more. These kits are beneficial to teach your children the basics of building, engineering, and robotics.

In the box

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The Lego Robot kit is a 5 in 1 model that includes five different models that help children develop different development areas.

Vernie the robot – Vernie the robot is a gun equipped robot. The robot can be instructed to move around and also control its arms to fire a small dart through the gun.

Frankie, the cat – Frankie the Cat plays and purrs with the children. The cat needs to be fed regularly, also complains when hungry.

Auto Builder – AutoBuilder is a machine that can be very beneficial to build even more machines. Kids can construct and code to operate the AutoBuilder.

M.T.R 4 – The M.T.R can carry out any task you command it to perform.

Guitar 4000 – Use the Guitar 4000 can be used to play songs.

Lego Robot Kit Features

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The Lego robot kit is an interactive robot that plays with the kids and expresses its mood. It also helps kids to learn how to play songs with the Guitar4000. Playing songs helps build better coordination ad concentration. The box also includes Frankie the Cat, who children can look after and take great care of. It gives the kids a good sense of responsibility. The AutoBuilder is very beneficial to build and create your own real miniature LEGO models. It also helps kids learn to code using the Lego Boost App, which is compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows devices. The application provides daily updates and introduces new challenges for kids. The app also offers step by step challenges do develop and improve coding skills. The Lego Robot Kid also comes with a Lego Boost App.


The Lego Boost app in the Lego robot kit is where the kids can learn to code and develop building skills. Using the app, the kids can program their robot and cat to behave a certain way and perform over 100+ tasks. The boost app is very engaging as it unlocks new challenges and levels regularly. With the app, the children can learn and have fun simultaneously. The block-based programming language can be very easy to learn and encourage children to develop an interest in computer coding to build apps and software. This kit turns coding into so much fun that your kid won’t even realize that they are learning something simultaneously as they have fun for hours building and operating their robots.

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