Pepper Robot And The Future Of Robotics

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The Pepper robot is the world’s first semi-humanoid robot. This means it has to be operated by a human. The ultimate purpose of designing this robot was to make it interact freely with humans. It was first introduced on the 5th of June 2014. Keep reading to learn more. 

A Pepper robot is a beneficial creation to man. Thus, let us have a look at some of the uses and importance of Pepper robots.

  • It is used as a receptionist at offices, banks, and hospitals.
  • They can be used as a research and educational robot.
  • They can be used at home to guide and talk to visitors.

Uses Of Pepper Robots

Pepper Robot And The Future Of Robotics

Here is detailed information about each of the above uses.

As A Receptionist In Offices, Banks, And Hospitals

The Pepper robot has to ability to recognize faces and send alerts to the co-officers when needed. It is also able to talk in fifteen different languages. Currently, it is used as a receptionist at many offices in the United Kingdom. Also, it is used at banks, restaurants, and hospitals in Japan.

As A Research And Educational Robot

The Pepper robot is great at research and educational purposes. It can conduct investigations and teach programming to children at schools and colleges. In Addition, Pepper robots can understand the environment around them, and this helps it study much more.

Pepper Robots Guide And To Talk To Visitors

As the speech recognition and dialogue of the robot is available in fifteen different languages, it can interact and communicate with people. Hence, if you are busy at home and not able to talk to your visitors, this robot is the best solution.

The primary purpose for the creation of this robot was for human interaction. Moreover, not only is it able to communicate with people through speech, but it is also able to with its touch screen. 

Important Features Of Pepper Robots

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  • Four microphones
  • Two HD cameras
  • 3D depth sensors
  • Gyroscope
  • LED
  • Touch sensors
  • Two sonars
  • Six lasers
  • Three bumper sensors

This robot, as stated above, has a wide range of features available within it. These features guide and converse with people in an innovative way. There are more features to this amazing robot.

Another essential feature of this robot is that it has a touch screen on its chest. Through this screen, it highlights messages and supports speech. Likewise, this robot can also move its body parts, including head, elbow, fingers, and base.

All these features make this robot a unique creation. Apart from the above-stated features, there are even more things this robot can do.


The Pepper robot is always ready to start a conversation whenever it sees a person. Moreover, Pepper robots are an incredible creation of Softbank Robotics and it’s now very popular across the world. Furthermore, it is not only a functional robot for domestic purposes but good for communication purposes as well. Finally, as this robot is genuine and can understand emotions, it can be an entertainer, friend, or even a family member.

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