Android Robot: The Ultimate Robot

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The Android robot is an artificial being created in the shape of a human. It is usually developed by using flesh-like material to provide it with an original and accurate look of a human. Earlier, Android robots were confined to the domain of science fiction. They were seen in broadcasting television and films only.

The current improvements in Science, artificial intelligence and robot techñology have opened the doors for experts in designing real-like and functional human robots.

Aldebaran Robotics Nao And Boston Dynamics Atlas Android Robot

Learn More About Android Robot

Some Androids developed with the usual physical structure and shape and kinetic capabilities of a human, but not essentially intend to look like humans. Aldebaran Robotics Nao and Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot, owned by Google depict two suitable instances. Android robots have arms and legs joined and have the ability to move in the same way as the human’s limbs do, but they contain some plastic and metal material in their outer skin that makes their appearance far different from humans.

Eve-R And Geminoid DK As Android Robot

Learn More About Android Robot

Some other Android robots look like humans so similarly that it becomes confusing to distinguish them from living people. This kind of Android robot, usually inspired by as well as modeled on existing humans. Eve-R, developed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Techñology and Geminoid DK; two types of Android robot.

Projects Of Android Robots

Multiple projects are going on to create Android robots that look like humans. Also. undertaken by several countries that are competing to make the best Android robot for themselves. Some projects have already been launched, and some are under process.


Robots made by Japanese experts are leading the robotic industry for the past five decades. Several universities in Japan have initiated the robot making project, as well as one of them, is Waseda University. It successfully managed to create a fully-formed humanoid robot named WABOT-1.

Its vision power helps people to measure distances as well as analyze directions using their artificial eyes as well as ears. The conversation system of the robot made it able to converse with anyone in the native Japanese language using an artificial mouth that otherwise looks human.

South Korea

EveR-1, an Android robot created and manufactured by KITECH. It is a communication model that has the ability to show human emotions as well as facial expressions. It uses facial musculature for this purpose. The robot is 160cm in height and 50kg in weight. It looks like a young South Korean woman who is in her twenties.

There’s a microchip placed inside the artificial brain of the robot. It controls its body movements, gestures, as well as facial and emotional expressions. The whole body structure of the Android robot, developed with advanced jelly silicon. There are around 60 joints in its face, neck, as well as the lower part of the body. The robot has also been programmed to sing while it is dancing.

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