Robot Dogs Could Be Man’s

Robot dogs are those robots created with the appearance and structure of real dogs. They resemble dogs so much in their behavior and look that sometimes people confuse them with real dogs. They also carry basic habits of dogs such as barking and tail-wagging. Many robot Dogs are coming up in the market, and their demand is rising at a considerable rate.

These robot dogs are interactive, and they respond to commands made by their users. They move, stop, stand, sit, on the voice command of their users. Below are mentioned two robotic dogs made by different companies. They are unimaginably creative and unique.


Astro is a four-legged robot dog. He takes voice commands and fulfills them accordingly. It is a unique dog as it’s the only one in the category of robotic dogs who have been built with a 3D printed head. It has been developed to look like a Doberman Pinscher that has a mechanized brain.

Due to the use of artificial intelligence, Astro has been programmed to think like a dog. It also includes a deep learning techñology in its brain. The experts who were behind the dog’s creation wanted it to respond to hand movements, signals, colors, know different languages, as well as recognize multiple people.

Astro is a capable robot dog and can be used for several purposes. It can act as a service dog, can be an assistant for first responders, and can detect explosives for any danger.

The development team of Astro includes psychologists, artists, biologists, as well as neuroscientists. They want to make Astro a smart and witty dog. They want it to take decisions quickly through its past experienced data.

Aibo Robot Dogs

Astro is not a lap dog as it is quite heavy. Its weight is around 45 kg still it is a kind of puppy dog. It is far better than other robot dogs developed with average features.

Aibo is another robot dog developed with artificial intelligence and computerized technologies. It is a robot developed to provide companionship to adults. Aibo includes a series of robot dogs that were created, managed, as well as maintained by Sony. Sony announced its plan of introducing the Aibo series in the mid of the year 1998. Then, their first model for sale launched on 11 May 1999. After its success, a series of new models released every year until 2006.

Most of the robots developed have a dog-like structure, but some exceptions were there too. Suddenly, in the year 2006, Sony made a big announcement that it will stop the production of Aibo as well as some other products from raising the profits of the company.


Then, the customer support for Aibo withdrew, and after one year, Sony officially stopped providing repair assistance and services for Aibo products. They stopped their customer support service completely for Aibo robots.

In the year November 2017, Sony announced the coming of a new league of Aibo after a decade. Its fourth-generation model finally launched in Japan in the year 2018.

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