Know More About The Different Types Of Small Industrial Robots

small industrial robots

Also referred to as the robot arm, having a high demand for application in the manufacturing industry the small industrial robots are playing a vital role in the enhancement of productivity. These could also be said as the option to overcome the challenges of scarcity of laborers as well as skilled workers. If you are also a smaller manufacturer and have no idea about the robots but are curious to work with them, then mentioned below is a guide discussing some types of robots that you can work with.

Articulated Robots

These are said to be the most common types of robots as their flexibility, efficiency as well as reach is very high. Such characteristics make it ideal for the task of spanning the non-parallel planes and the machine tending, etc. Like the CNC mills, these small industrial robots are also classified by the number of axes or the point of rotation that they have. 6-axis articulated robots are the commonest types of these robots. Made up of sealed joints as well as protective sleeves, these are ideal for work on any kind of surface.

Delta Small Industrial Robots

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This is a light arm-weighed robot that makes it ideal for usage in high-speed operations such as light loads. Also, said as the spider robot, this is made up of a three-base mount that is actuated on the arms to position the wrist. These are most commonly available in the 3-axis unit as well as the 4-axis and 6-axis models are also available in the market.

SCARA Robots

These could be said as the most cost-effective as well as the best option of robots to choose when it comes to performing the functions and operations between the two parallel planes. These small industrial robots are capable of fast cycle times as well as they are light weighted and have smaller footprints that make them suitable for application in crowded places. As they have fixed arm designs, they might not be capable of the applications that need walking around.

Cartesian Small Industrial Robots

This type of industrial robot is made up of three orthogonal axes that perform the coordinated motion. This could be said as a popular choice because of the high flexibility in their configurations as the user can easily adjust the robot’s speed, size as well as the stroke length, etc. Cartesian robots are commonly used for industrial applications like 3D printing and CNC machines.


If you will know the different types of robots available in the market then it will be easy for you to choose the best machine for your workplace. To have even a little knowledge about the costs and capabilities of different kind of robots makes the very first step towards any decision. You can opt for industrial robots to enhance the productivity of your industry as well as the usage of the robots could be cost-effective too.

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