The Humanoid Robot

Have you ever seen a robot that closely resembles a human being? The humanoid robot is one such robot. The robot has a body shape that resembles that of a human being. The robot has features such as proprioceptive sensors, exteroceptive sensors, pneumatic actuators, among other equipment.

Applications Of The Humanoid Robot

  • Entertainment of people. Several humanoid robots can thoroughly entertain people. For example, Ursula robot sings melodiously, dances to music as well as the playing of entertaining music. Additionally, the robot can directly speak to the audience to entertain them.
  • It is highly applicable in the exploration of the space as well as research about the space has proven to be invaluable. The robots are crucial in gathering of information in the space.
  • The robots are perfect private assisters. Did you know that robots are useful in medicine? The robots attend to patients. Additionally, the robots also attend to the elderly to ensure smooth living.
  • It is applied in the education sector. Did you that robots are equally perfect lecturers as human beings? Robots are especially useful in the training of medical students. The students get a chance to learn about how to conduct medical procedures.
  • They develop prosthesis in medicine. It’s regrettable to lose a body part from whatever cost. The humanoid robot is now highly useful in the development of ‘artificial body parts.’ Patients can hence lead a healthy life once the lost body part is replaced through surgery.

What Makes Some People Dislike Humanoid Robots

Some believe that robots are to blame for unemployment. Some people oppose robots as they lead to joblessness. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that robots do sensitive functions, as well as a human being, can not perform the job that some of these robots do. What’s more, the accuracy of these robots makes them incomparable.

There is an erroneous belief that robots pose a danger to people. Hence, funny enough, the opposite is the truth! Robots are nowadays highly useful in the saving of life. For example, some robots attend to helpless people like the sick and the elderly.

Robots are too sophisticated to operate. Technically, there are some giant robots that can only be operated by an expert. Also, the humanoid robot is among the most straightforward device to operate. Any buyer can run it without the need for technical assistance.


The belief that maintaining robots is unaffordable. robots are usually very sensitive and can hence detect an obstacle from a distance. Hence, this means that the robot does not collide with obstacles. The owner only requires a few maintenances, especially if the robot keeps malfunctioning.

In conclusion, one cannot stress enough the value of robots in modern society. Also, Robots have now become indispensable to human beings as well as some animals. Robots can perform several delicate surgeries. Additionally, the robots become a pertinent study partner to acquire the necessary skills in some fields. Technological advancement is a huge blessing to the human race.

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