How Will Be The Military Robots Of The Future

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Military robots are robots that have been designed to perform military functions such as search, rescue and attack. A few autonomous robot systems such as killer robots are already operational while the others are currently undergoing modifications. The US army wants to deploy these robots by 2028 under the Multi Domain Operations,  however they require a lot of knowledge in machine learning components, in order to give the robots autonomy and the ability of decision making.

They have designed the ambitious Multi Domain Operations, by virtue of which such autonomous robots will go hand in hand with the soldiers. 

A Few Military Robots Of The Future


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It’s a humanoid robot standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches. It’s a formidable opponent with the ability to carry stuff as it has upper limbs just like us.

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It’s a robot that looks just like a mini tank. It can be used by SWAT teams to keep their men out of harm’s way by using this instead.

Robotic Exoskeleton

It’s a robotic Exoskeleton that has been developed by researchers at the Wyss Institute of Harvard University. It’s battery powered and can easily carry the majority of the soldier’s load in the battleground.


It’s a robot that helps in bringing equipment and other necessary items in the battlefield. It’s a completely autonomous flying machine and has been tested out thoroughly.

Squad Mission Support System

It’s a robot that brings the supplies and other tactic requirements into the battlefield without comprising any of the army.


It’s a robot that has been modelled like an insect and can nimbly climb up surfaces using it’s micro clawed feet. It’ll be quite beneficial in the battlefield and will save soldiers from having to climb up perilous heights.


It’s a robot vehicle that can easily clear debris and rubble from the battlefield and can also serve as a way to dispatch explosives into the battlefield without requiring soldiers.

Locust or Low-Cost  UAV Swarming Technology

These are robotic drones, which are already in application in the army to perform bombing and reconnaissance activity.

XM1216 Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV)

It’s a robot that has been devised particularly for the US army’s combat team to help them in surveillance, reconnaissance and disposal of debris and other obstacles.

Corrosion Resistant Aerial Covert Unmanned Nautical System(CRACUNS)

It’s a robot that can be called as a convergence of a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and a submersible Robot. It can perform both aerial functions as well as underwater. They’re generally used for surveillance and reconnaissance activity.

The Risk of Using These Killer Robots

Using such autonomous killer robots in the battlefield regularly brings up quite a few poignant questions. Giving them the power to make decisions which won’t fall under a human’s control, brings up a lot of ethical and moral questions, which cannot be ignored. Other than decision making , these robots will also have the ability of Facial Recognition and object recognition. If the military plans to bring these robots into operation by as soon as 2028 we should be questioning their decision and future implications right now.

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