How To Start And Organize A VEX Engineering Notebook

vex robot kit

There are four championships to choose from, and this is a great opportunity for newbies as well as veterans to show off what they can do. However, there is an additional thing that you will be able to do while in this competition. That is, of course, use the VEX robot kit. This is a great tool to help you get the best results with your robot. Here is a quick overview of how the VEX works and why it is such a great addition to the robotics community.

The Vex (Ventric Vehicle Integration) Robot Kit

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The VEX (Ventric Vehicle Integration) robot kit was created and developed by the VEX Company. This company is responsible for all of the prosthetics and technology used in the VEX competition. The kit itself was inspired by two different technologies: aerial vehicle manipulation and UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle applications. As such, it is easy to see where the inspiration came from.

The Vex robotics competitions use the newest UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle applications in their applications. These vehicles are called remotely piloted vehicles. They have been equipped with all of the necessary hardware and software that will enable them to interact with a human in a friendly and secure manner. This interaction takes place via a data link so that the human does not need to actually be present. This is a big advantage that many people enjoy.

Using Technology In A Positive Manner

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While some may fear that robots will take over the world, especially with the potential for disaster, that is simply not true. Humans are more capable than ever before of using technology in a positive manner. Our minds are capable of processing a greater amount of information at faster speeds and more efficiently. That is why we are able to create such amazing technology like the UAVs and vex robots. That is also why getting in on these robotics competitions can be a very lucrative idea for those interested in both technology and medicine. Consider getting your own vex robot kit today.

Vexing is an important part of all VEX robotics events. Teams of two or more enter into a competition, compete in it, and then there are awards given to each team based on their performance. The winning team often receives an award from a major company that has purchased the robot that they are using. This award often includes a large amount of money.

Vexing Competitions

VEXing competitions are held all over the world. Countries as far away as China are hosting similar competitions. These VEXing tournaments provide an important service to the robotics community. They provide teams with a good means of funding and having real life competition. This is important because without these types of competitions, companies that develop these technologies wouldn’t have the resources to continue to develop them in such a highly competitive industry.


The VEX engineering notebook is actually a great teaching tool. Many students choose to join robotics competitions because of the possibility of winning a really cool prize. They get to design their own robots and they get to show off their design process in a very impressive manner. By using VEX robotics competitions, students get to put together their own real process for designing a robot that they believe will work. By following this simple process, students will learn how to start and organize a successful VEX engineering notebook.

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