The War Robots

War Robots is a free mobile application game. It was created and launched by the Russian game developer Pixonic on April 14, 2014. It is a game full of action that involves a third-person shooter in real-time PvP battles in the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) mode.

The game is available for various platforms such as Android, iOS, Fire OS, Steam, and Gameroom. In the game, players control tech war robots on a live battleground. However, initially, it was released for iOS users only in the year 2014, the game was launched for Android and other platform users.

How To Play War Robots

After entering the game, the players are in a battleground. They are located randomly into anyone map out of the twelve available in the interface of the game. Each map contains a different structure, length, and playing style.

There are several modes available in the game, such as Domination, Free for all, Quick Match, Skirmish, Beacon Rush, etc. Skirmish only runs from Thursdays to Sundays. There’s another mode named King of the Hill that was previously available but temporarily removed from the game.

Matchmaking Mode

War Robots is played based on a matchmaking system in which 6 players go against the other 6. The missing players are added through the auto process in the team by using the special matchmaking system. When the opposite teams enter the battle, they are placed on opposite sides of the map. A specific player gets only 15 seconds to select a robot, and then the game begins. The game runs for around 10 minutes.

Custom Mode In War Robots

There is another mode named Custom Matches in War Robots. It enables the players to choose specific people with whom they want to play. It could be their friends, family, or clan members. The mode is opposite to the automatic matchmaking mode. Under this, players can play according to their wishes. They can select anyone to play with or against. But the maximum number of players could be six on each side. As it is a customized mode, so no rewards can be earned by players.   

League Method In War Robots

War Robots is also based on a league method. It is dependent on the trophies available with the player. Trophies are earned according to the performance of the player. The rating of the player depends on the amount of damage he caused. If a player creates huge destruction and chaos, takes all the beacons, and wins over other players, his rating in the league will rise at a high rate. But if the player doesn’t destroy much, his rating will dropdown.

It is not necessary to win always to increase your points because even the best players of a losing team can earn rewards and ratings. Only the gold would be an exception. After the player finishes his training, he will be eligible to earn trophies. It begins at 400.


With the advancement in the league system of War Robots, the player gets Gold as earnings and rewards. However, the league system advancement rewards are available only once. Thus, if a player drops out of a league system, and come back again, he/she won’t get the reward.

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