Getting To Know The Applications Of Humanoid Robots And Their Usages In Various Fields

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Owing to considerable advancements in technology, robotics, and computer science, in the last half- century, we have now finally achieved the eternal dream, that is, the dream of having human- like robots who will obey every command given to them, without ever having to counter the shortcomings of human beings! In the critical language of scientists, they are known by various names: humanoids( humanoid robots), androids, et cetera. To generalize, all these work with AI- artificial intelligence, which is one of the most interesting branches of modern technology.

Applications Of Humanoid Robots And Androids

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As these machines can be programmed and reprogrammed to do a wide array of tasks, there are numerous applications of humanoid robots, and they can be modified according to one’s wish. The main applications of humanoid robots or simply humanoids are mainly research, exploration, caregiving, personal assistance, education and entertainment, search and rescue, manufacturing and maintenance, public relations, and healthcare. However, their main purpose is to complete tasks that are deemed difficult and time-consuming for human beings. To summarise, they can be used to do some tasks as human beings but with more efficiency and to give them a humane vibe, they are designed as humans or similar beings. Androids, on the other hand, are mainly used for commercial purposes. In recent years, many androids have been practically tested by the conduction interviews and have even participated in various sports and games against human and non-human competitors. Though these are mainly done to shed light on the research done in the field of AI, raise funds and quench the curiosity of the general public, the results of these activities are also valuable to the scientists working in this field, as it helps them understand how the measure of their creation up to their previous versions and also to humans.

Fields Of Application Of Humanoid Robots

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Humanoid robots are created for several purposes and, owing to their versatility, are used extensively in various fields. Some are specifically created for experimentation and research fields and others for entertainment purposes. Nowadays, humanoid robots are used in almost all fields where the scope is available. Humanoids are also used as props in films and shows and various tourist attractions to entertain and amuse guests.


Thus, to increase efficiency, save time, and entertain and amuse, the applications of humanoid robots will soon stretch to all industries. However, we must make note of the fact that relying on them too much may cause us harm in weird ways. The developments in robotics must be brought about, keeping certain restrictions and limitations in mind to ensure the advancement in technology is in the safest way possible and to reduce harm to humankind and ensure a safe future. With advancement in technology, the robotic industry has made more advancement.

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