Futuristic Robots Will Have Fun In The Future

futuristic robot

Will our science fiction futures be a “Futurama”? One writer thinks so. And he has a lot of reasons. Authors George C. Scott and Robert Forward were talking about this idea the other day in an interview. Here’s what they said:

Designing The Future

A close up of a toy car

When we get to the future, you know there will be robots like that. Why do you think we’re all sitting around in the garage playing Monopoly or chess? We don’t need a robot to clean our house, or to mow the lawn, or to put gas in the car, or to pick up our dry cleaning.

“It’s not that the future isn’t worth something,” said C. “I mean it is. Futuristic science fiction makes a lot of sense. Just as cars today have high-tech electronics and safety features, so too will future units have features that we haven’t even imagined. But that’s just one example. The future will have so many more.” See the future articles on this site for more ideas.

In other words, we’re already designing the future. We’re building the brain of the future. But, why stop with cars? How about other machines? What if there was a robotic dog, cat or dolphin – a robotic pet?

Robot Farm

A woman holding a video game

A future human android may very well be born. We might develop a “robot farm” where farmers will produce robotic meat for us. Indeed, in the future, human workers may be replaced by robotic assistants. It makes sense to design the future human body with as much natural beauty as possible – robotic body parts are basically indistinguishable from real.

Is it a little extreme to speculate that your favorite future movie character may have a robotic companion? You bet it is. Who wouldn’t want a robotic dog to bark at the mailman, or carry packages for you? Or a robotic cat that plays music and dances? If your science fiction writer has created a futuristic robot, chances are it is already ready for you to purchase, if not programming it right now to perform certain tasks.

Robot Celebrities

And isn’t it interesting how Hollywood keeps bringing new inventions into the future, while in real life the first versions of these inventions get shelved? Just think of all the Hollywood celebrities we see with artificially intelligent robots, and their pet dogs. Even the dog from the TV show “I Love Lucy” had a robotic dog to keep it company.

So what’s next? Well, after careful consideration, and the addition of technology and education to artificially intelligent computer systems, the future may hold robotic antiques, and robotic chairs for everyone in the household. The future may hold a robotic T.V. player, and DVR.

Summing Up

And just what will these future humans look like? Well, experts are forecasting that they’ll look about twenty or thirty years younger, perhaps even younger than humans. Perhaps they’ll have robotic eyes, too. Or perhaps they’ll be a lot bulkier, as robots will have to keep their human companions cool in the summer time. If you’re reading this article, then you’re on the cutting edge of human technology, so good luck out there, and happy shopping for your future!

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