Futuristic Robots – How To Make Them Controlled By Android Phone

Futuristic Robots

Robots amuse several people but the problem is that not everybody can build one. It requires a deep knowledge of electronics and mechanics. You have to be a master of mathematics and physics to build one of the nicest futuristic robots. But, still, you want to try making a cool futuristic robot then you should integrate it with android. If you follow steps in this article then you might be able to make a robotic machine on your own. Let’s start with it at this very instance.

Cool Futuristic Robots
Futuristic Robots – How To Make Them Controlled By Android Phone

Collect The Hardware By Futuristic Robots

First of all, you need to have the proper hardware for it. The most important thing that you need to have is an MCU or Micro Controller Unit for controlling the machine. The second thing you need is two DC Motor for movement with a ball caster, two wheels, a Bluetooth module for exchanging of the data, AA batteries and a holder for them, motor driver, small breadboard, and some nuts and bolts. After getting these items you can start with the process.

Build The Chassis

Then, you need to have a chassis for the robotic machine. You can look for it online. There is some readymade chassis present. But they are not much reliable. It is better to make one of your own. You can make it by using wood or fiberglass or plastic or some other material. If you use acrylic for that then it will be the best for it. The acrylic sheets are available in different sizes and shapes. You can easily get some from which you can make your design.

Here is a simple design for you. Take one round and one rectangular sheet of acrylic. Drill it and connect it with nuts and bolts. Keep both the sheets at some distance so that other things can be put in between. Then with glue connect the motor to the rectangular sheet. You can always design it in some other way for your futuristic robots.

Do The Connection Of The Futuristic Robots

After placing the hardware inside the body, you need to pay attention to the circuit connection as it is crucial. First, you need to connect the motor to the MCU. There are six pins in the chip given for that. You need to connect two pins of the motor, two PWM pins of the board, and four to any other pins of the board. You also need to connect the two pins of the IC to the pins of motors. This is the motor connection. Now, its time for the battery. Connect the battery to the VCC2 pin of the board and VCC1 pin to the IC.

Now, the Bluetooth connection is done. There are 6 pins given in the Bluetooth chip but here only four of the middle ones are required. Connect 5V of the MCU to the VCC and GND with any GND of the MCU. Now, connect Rx pin to Tx of the MCU and Tx to the Rx of the Bluetooth chip.

Build Futuristic Robots For Fun
Futuristic Robots – How To Make Them Controlled By Android Phone

Connect It With The Phone And Enjoy

You can download an app for it. There some premade apps available by the MCU companies. You can download one of them or you can get one made according to your robot. In the end, you only need to connect your robot with your phone and start playing with one of your futuristic robots.


It is simple to build a robot but once you do it your interest will get increased for robotics. Consider it as a beginning. This industry is developing and nobody knows how great it can go. Making such a robot might not be a big achievement but it can be a motivation for you to build something much greater.

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