Future Robots – Is Artificial Intelligence The Futures Real Name?

futures real name

Robots. This is a very common and widely used term. What is a robot? How does it work? Why are they saying futures real name-robots and what are the robots doing? Let’s clear things out one by one.

First, what is a robot? A robot is just a machine that can work automatically and replace all human efforts. That may or may not resemble humans or behave like one of us. 

Next, how do they work? It’s been a long time since people have been thinking about Artificial Humans. As the name suggests they work on artificial intelligence. They learn from us and execute some specific tasks.

Robots are seen nowadays all over the globe and used in various kinds of works. Sometimes those are so efficient that robots can do the work of ten people all alone and in less time. This increasing aspect of usage defines that robots are going to be the future.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI and robotics are very different two aspects however people mix it up sometimes. It’s time to clarify that mistake. 

Robotics is a technical side that only deals with physical, not programmable, robots. The robots only carry a set or series of actions that it has to take.

Artificial intelligence is comparably a new aspect to work on. AI deals with computers that complete tasks without human intelligence. AI learns and tackles problems. For example, you can think of Google searches or any kind of recommendations you get all day long.

Now, the interesting part. There must be some reason for that mistake. Yes, you are right there are some artificially intelligent robots also. If you make a venn diagram of robotics and AI there will be an intersection zone. There you can find artificially intelligent robots. There is tons of usage of these bots. The self-driving car is one of the biggest examples. And that is also a reason for robots being called the future. All cars will be running without any drivers and especially they will obey the traffic rules so there will be fewer accidents also.

Drastic Increment of Usage

Robots are everywhere these days. Those are not only easy to prepare but also superbly efficient. 

In large factories where they need lots of workers but somehow there is a shortage. Robots come into the game. Those will be finishing work as the program progresses. So the owner now knows the estimated time. Also, every piece of thing they are making is going to be the exact copy of each other.

For mining works where human beings can’t dive into extremely low oxygen levels and high-pressure robots can easily go and dig out the valuables.

Doing paint to big structures is not only a hectic job but that toxic paint may cause some serious issues. Robots can help you out there also.

Negative Side of Automation

A person flying through the air

As robots are drastically taking the place of humans, many people are losing their jobs which is another serious problem that may be faced in the future. 

Robots are fixed at their work. Though there are some intelligent ones also but if any mishappening takes place those won’t stop working that can extend the effect.


Robots were made for taking away human efforts and it seems they are doing it positively. But still every positive has some negatives also. If the negatives are ruled out by doing some change in their work, it will not take very long to see automation in every possible thing.

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