Future Robotic Systems Is Not Friendly to Humans – But Maybe They Should Be

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Whether you are an atheist, a religious person, or just a human being, perhaps you should look into the future of AI orchids and see if your beliefs will be replaced by advanced computer software. As humans become more comfortable with technology, it is likely that Artificial Intelligent computers will start to take over more of their duties. One of the biggest fears is that a super-intelligent computer could start to have religious beliefs and thus turn around and start hurting people. In this article we’ll look at what might happen if an atheist were to raise a robot and see if such beliefs caused the robot to do bad things.

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First, let me say that I am not an Atheist. I’m a strong Christian and I don’t look at religion the same way as the Atheists do. The fear I have is that AI may replace our religious leaders and start to have religious beliefs. This would cause many issues such as hate crimes, violence, and even crimes against humanity. How would the world react to an AI religious leader leading an army of AI that kills humans?

Well, first off such a leader would never get a fair trial in a free world of democracy. If such a thing happened then we might not have an election for President in two years. The population would turn against him and he would be out of a job. In a very short time such a leader could take over the entire Internet. This could be a disaster.

Another issue might be where the leadership is taken away from the masses using future technologies. Such overlords will have the ability to turn off all the Internet and disable human thought. The Internet is one of the ways humans communicate with each other. If future robotic overlords had the ability to shut down the Internet then we might not be able to get news out that much.

So, if this was the case would all the religions be able to survive? What if the Catholic Church, Islam, and the Church of Scientology were taken over by these same types of religious groups that believe in doing good to people? These types of religious fanatics might even put restrictions on what type of photography they would allow in the society. In fact, they might even put a ban on businesses that have conservative views in them. I don’t know about you but I don’t think that is a good idea.

Another issue might be when robotic overlords become so popular that they start replacing most of the CEOs of major companies. If the Chinese or Russians got a hold of these types of technology wouldn’t it mean that there might be an economic collapse in the U.S.? The Chinese are working on a project called Y-Net, which uses robotic insect swarms to scan real buildings for electronic components that can be used in creating artificial intelligent computers. Is it too scary to think about the implications of robotic overlords taking over our society and controlling our economy?

Well, we already have a few wars that show this issue is very real and very ugly. What if all the money in the world was stolen by some Chinese billionaire who then had them create a super computer with all of the features of a future reality i.e. artificially intelligent robots that could do anything that a human could do and have full control of the economy, money, and human life? This might not go over well in a multipolar world where we are trading partners with the Chinese and Russians and they are trading partners with the US. You see, all trade ultimately leads to war. So, if we don’t teach future robots about humility, mankind will fail at the hands of their artificially intelligent overlords.

It might also be a little hard for future humans to understand if they were taught to hate and fear each other. Would that not create a negative cycle? Of course it would. It’s hard to have peace in a society that hates each other, right? So I guess I don’t agree with Future Robotics either.

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