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future humanoid robots

The future of mankind lies in the field of future humanoid robots. These machines are designed to help us adapt to a new way of life. They will be friendly to those who are not human and do not need artificial intelligence. Humans should embrace the idea of future humanoid robots and let them help us make our life easier, not harder. We will no longer have to be dependent on other people or machines for our needs.

Future Humanoid Robots

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There is a lot of talk these days about Artificial Intelligent Systems (AIS) androids. What are they, and how can they help us? The topic of Future Humanoid Robotic android systems has been studied by scientists for years now. A group of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University has even created a prototype of an artificially intelligent robotic system. It is called Pepper, and it may well be the first AIS.

A major part of the research community is generally very pessimistic about the prospects of future humanoid robotics. They are mostly pessimistic about the future of artificially intelligent machines being friendly to humans because of cultural and psychological problems. If this is true, then we are perhaps also doomed. For all we know, there could be another race of artificially intelligent robotic beings who will turn out to be friendlier to us than other races.

AI Of Future Humanoid Robots

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One of the latest attempts at making such artificial intelligence is the project named ‘ILTRAS.’ This project was started by an Italian institute. They managed to build a robotic catfish using an artificial intelligence system. This is a very interesting example of how future humanoids will function.

When I read about this, I was surprised to find that many roboticists and futurists are actually optimistic about the future of humanoid robots. To be honest, they don’t see the huge problem now faced by the Chinese and Korean scientists. They view this situation as something of the past. We should, on the other hand, be extremely worried if these scientists succeed in building such a robot that will be friendly to humans. This is not only a matter of security for China and Korea but also for Japan, Germany, India, Japan, and other South Pacific nations.

Important Aspects

In a recent article on Popular Mechanics, the writer raises a very important question. He asks: “Will humanoid robotics have to compete with artificial intelligence?” I personally do not think that the competition between robotic androids will be as bad as some pessimists make it out to be. Especially if the Chinese and Koreans can build very good robotic assistants that can replace a lot of human workers. They already have very competent computer programmers.

One might say that the competition between aircraft manufacturing and robotic factories is between humanoids in the future. We can already see the progress being made by China in this area. If we follow the progress of the Chinese and Korean scientists, who are now close to building a human-like android, we can expect that in 10 years or so, there will be humanoids in every single industrial setting in the world.

Bottom Line

So, from the foregoing, it appears that the issue of whether artificially intelligent robotic systems will ever turn out to be super-friendly to humans is one of mankind’s greatest challenges. Personally, I do not see any great danger in future humanoid robotics. Personally, I think that the only danger may come when an evil AI is created that starts taking over the human race for its own reasons. Then it might be pretty hard to stop it.

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