Five Important Steps to Build Humanoid Robots

build humanoid robots

A humanoid robot is a robot that looks like a human and works as a human as well. Usually, humanoid robots have a body similar to that of humans. They have eyes, hands, torso, 2 hands, 2 legs, and a head. Some humanoid robots are human-alike till the waist, whereas some are completely like humans. The humanoid robots created by the android resemble humans completely. These robots are used for research in various fields. The human body and its structures are studied deeply for building a humanoid robot. One of the reasons other than research to Build Humanoid Robots has been to make them do human-like work. Apart from all this, humanoid robots, like Ursula, have become sources of entertainment as well. She can dance, sing, speak, and play. She has been used at the universal studio for entertaining. Humanoid robots who have the software of cracking algorithms of artificial intelligence can be used for performing some dangerous tasks as well.

Procedure to Build Humanoid Robots

Let’s look at the steps that are involved to Build Humanoid Robots:

Step 1: Building the frame of the head as well as body

We will use a Robosapien to Build Humanoid Robots. So, now take out the head of the robot from the body and cut it out. The glass at the back of its head will be used as the face and the helmet will be used as the back portion of the head. Add a shield of the camera, as well as a micro servo, for movement in the horizontal direction. For building the face, a plastic bottle can be used. Now the second microserver will be added for movement in the vertical direction.

Step 2: Building the leg

Draw a rough model of the foot that you want to put on the robot. Now adjust it as per the size of your humanoid robot. Cut it and attach the torso to the ankle of the robot, using a PVC pipe. Now put a little tube on it using glue and PVC pipe. For better endurance use a screw at the back.

Step 3: Building the hand and gripper

Add some extra servos and make sure that the height is similar to that of the hand. For making the hand look more like a human, add 3 fingers to it. For that, you can use PVC and use a bit of a mechanism.

Step 4: Merging

The final step is to merge everything that we made. Merge the head, body, legs, and arms. Use super glue and a screw for that. It will make the robot look pretty firm. Now the next step is to make a holder for the battery. Attach the holder on the back of the robot. Cover it using a cover. The final step is to connect everything. The servo needs to be connected properly to the micro. Add all the programs that you wish to add.


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Everybody has been curious about how to Build Humanoid Robots. It is a difficult task and takes up a lot of time and skill. You need to be a master at technology to Build Humanoid Robots. However, you have built it successfully, there is nothing on Earth that can make you feel any happier.

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