Exotic Intelligent Androids with Humanlike Features – Humanoid Androids With Facial Expressions – The Future of AI Research

humanoid robots with faces

Personally, I am rather appalled. Of course, some might say; “Well if it isn’t cute how can it be bad?” And that’s all fine, but what about these guys?

Well, let me ask you this question; Has the Franchise done well for Disney? Has the Cars movies done well for Disney? Has GI Joe done well for Nickelodeon? Did Star Wars the Force Awakens does well for Fox? Are there other Franchises that are doing well beyond the traditional animated cartoon action flicks?

An Overview

Well, first of all the original Transformers is a massive moneymaker for Disney and has done very well considering it’s relatively short run. The reboot of the franchise however, failed to do very well at the box office and is now considered a flop due to a lagging economy. Is it because the original Transformers movies went beyond the pale in terms of story and animation or was it because of the sound black and white, robot animation?

Now then, to jump ahead to the future let’s consider this one big question; Are we going to see robots with facial expressions sometime in the future? Indeed, I asked that same question to some very famous science fiction writer who happen to be an expert on robots, artificial intelligence, and other such topics. His response was interesting and very interesting indeed; “I am not sure we will ever see robots with faces. They are too good looking not to be believable.”

Humanoid Androids: The Future Of AI

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Okay, so, let’s get back to the point. Will we ever see robots with faces? Yes, I believe so, but not just yet, I might add. If I were to describe a robotic android with an expressive face, I might just as well not mention it because it would be silly. But what I am saying is we will most likely see robots with some form of body language.

And here is a little known factoid about Transformers fans. You may not agree with me, but if you know anything about the Transformers you know that all of the Transformers robots look really stupid. In other words, they have zero emotion. They have absolutely no emotion at all, just a dead serious look in their eyes. And this has been the case for years.

If you are a fan this seems like a pretty big waste of time, and if you are not a fan this is just a huge waste of your precious time and attention. Why is it that when it comes to topics such as these, Transformers fans always have the better end of the stick? Is it because the other guys’ theories are just way better and smarter than the one’s they post?

All I will say is that a theory that says Transformer fans do not have female bodies is a bunch of baloney. A Theory that says Transformers never have female bodies is also a bunch of baloney. There is a popular Internet website that has some extremely intelligent and articulate Transformers fans who are willing to go on record saying Transformer Blu-ray DVDs do not have female bodies. You can go to this site and listen to them, and decide for yourself.

Secondly, I am not sure how anyone can claim to know the answer to why the character Optimus Prime has an obviously female voice. He has a very deep voice. Why would any guy want a female voice? It just doesn’t make sense.

In The End

Lastly, we see humanoid robots in the movies and cartoons with bodies which look completely organic. Why do we not have robotic robots with artificial faces? Or bodies which look completely robotic and have no emotions? Why do we not have robot bodies that look completely human but are actually completely robotic?

There are some writers and artists who really are gifted creatively in this area of art. Some of my favorites are Alastair MacDonald, Cader Moss, and Michael Bales. Of course, I am not going to name any of these people individually in this article because I don’t know their names, or even how much they sell their books, or if they sell the books online. But, you know who they are, and I am sure if you read this you agree with me when I say that they are the cream of the crop.

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