Everything To Know About Future Fighting Robots

Future Fighting Robots

Robotics is touching almost every aspect of society: business, education, transportation, medicine, even politics. In most places, mechanization will be a good thing, removing drudgery and improving productivity. But there is one place where there is a fear for Robotics, in the war, military, and fighting. Robotics has come a long way from performing human tasks with precision to even acting as pets and now moving towards the future fighting robots. Future fighting robots will be a revolution in warfare. The first and foremost revolution was the creation of gunpowder; the second revolution in the war was nuclear weapons. And the future fighting robots will be the third. Each was a step-change in the speed and efficiency with which we could kill our opponents. Future fighting robots may have few advantages but are mostly to be scared of. Stick to the post to know more about these future fighting robots.

Why Future Fighting Robots Can Harm Humanity


Weapons Of Mass Destruction

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With just one programmer, future fighting robots can replace an army of soldiers to wage war.

Weapons Of Terror

There are high chances that these future fighting robots will reach terrorists, and Unlike humans, they don’t have empathy, so they will not hesitate to commit atrocities, even genocide.

Ethical Issues

To date, humans have not figured out how to build autonomous weapons that will follow humanitarian law and even don’t know of any computer systems that nobody can hack. So a high risk prevails that people with bad intentions would use future fighting robots override safeguards

Destabilize Geopolitical Order

There is already so much disbalance in the geopolitical order, and with the modest bank balance, one can use future fighting robots to have a mighty army.

Types Of Robot Evolving To Be Future Fighting Robots

Intelligence- Surveillance And Reconnaissance

It is one of the primary applications in military applications. Currently, These future fighting robots are presently at the stage to help monitor enemies or specific areas and send videos and photos to the ground station with the help of GPS.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

These robots have utility in identifying and disarming traps, fireworks, improvised explosive devices, and other dangerous objects in closed areas. Currently, These future fighting robots are integrated into bomb detection systems. And can carry a variety of payloads depending on the EOD mission. Some examples of EOD robots that are future fighting robots are iRobot 510 PackBo, TALON, Remotec Andros, which have tremendous potential in the future fighting robots.

Fire Fighting Robots

Fire fighting robots are more and more being used to address fire situations to avoid casualties. They can detect fire, withstand high temperatures for more extended periods, and respond to different movement types. There are high chances that these robots will develop into efficient future fighting robots.


Military robots developing into future fighting robots come in different shapes and sizes depending on the need, and they may be remotely controlled or fully autonomous. Robots consist of different types of payloads depending on the application.

Unlike nuclear weapons, future fighting robots will be cheap and easy to produce. There lies a profound moral argument that we lose an essential part of our humanity if, through future fighting robots, we hand over to machines the decision of whether someone lives or dies.

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