Cool Futuristic Robots – How To Pick The Right One

Cool Futuristic Robots

The 21st century will go down in history as an era of innovation and technological development, ranging from robotic kits to robot-assisted treatment. However, this continuous and rapid advancement makes it increasingly difficult to identify the robot that is best. But in this guide, we have tried to keep things easier to determine which robotic systems are the greatest in the league.

Cool Futuristic Robots Types
Cool Futuristic Robots Types

Cool Futuristic Robots: Asimo

Honda developed ASIMO as a humanoid robot in 2000. Since then, it has continuously been developed and became one of the most extensive technological robots in the world. ASIMO can recognize movements, postures, gestures, the environment and interact with people.  ASIMO is actually the social robot who is most functionally capable of driving, playing and also using the stairs.

Cool Futuristic Robots: Pepper

Came into existence in 2014. Pepper first appeared in Japan’s smartphone shops at Softbank. And later launched in Renault’s dealerships in France.  Pepper is the world’s first device to understand human emotions. Pepper is social, able to talk to people, give them guidance and even dance with them.

Cool Futuristic Robots: Walker

The Walker robot of UBTECH first came in 2019 at CES. And is expected to be released in the coming months. Walker is a nimble, aware, bipedal humanoid robot. The new walker version, which rises to 1,45 m tall, is more sophisticated than ever, it can communicate with people and can even walk smoothly and easily, capture and move objects.  That is to say, this robot has the ability to make history as it has not yet been published. Walker can be the first bipedal robot. That one can purchase commercially viable.

Samsung Bot Retail

At CES 2019, Samsung launched 3 robots: Bot Retail, Bot Care and Bot Air. So, bot retail is the combination of the four retailers with large front screens and basic shelving systems at the back to supply food or other articles. Samsung Bot Retail can interact with people, pay using NFC technology and identify objects using the camera front. This robot looks like a pretty good SoftBank Robotics’ Pepper competitor and may easily hit the rankings.


It is a smart cloud-enabled Qihan development support robot. Sanbot is able not only to interact with people, but it is also able to present its front screen and even to show graphics on a nearby wall using its built-in projector, making Sanbot ideal for shopping establishments. Way larger than Pepper, although about half the length, Sanbot is indeed one of the top social robots in the industry.

 Cool Futuristic Robots Guide
Cool Futuristic Robots Guide

Valkyrie Robot

It is one of the most sophisticated humanoid robots in the world, built-in cooperation with NASA and the University of Edinburgh. Valkyrie’s design has the potential to help create ecosystems on Mars until human presence one day. Valkyrie has been designed to operate in environments that are too dangerous to astronauts to build safer habitats and colonies in March.

Summing Up

Robotics are as impressive as they are diverse, as dynamic as they are useful. That robots above are development in technical innovation. And represents a potential for innovative and amazing stuff to be done.
Therefore, it is also difficult to tell which robots exhibit greater efficiency than others.

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