Best Of Both Worlds Robot Building Kit

robot building kit

Finding the parts and components you need for your next fantastic project is becoming increasingly difficult. The risk of a significant mark-up on parts is high, and they’re often hard to track down. With Robot Building Kit, you can save up to 50% on robot building essentials! The robot builders have done the hard work for you – find everything from frames to servos at the online store and start building today! Here are some of the best robot kits.

Makeblock Ultimate 2.0 10-In-1 Robot Kit

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Whether you are an advanced maker or novice, the MakeBlock ULTIMATE 2.0 robot kit offers hundreds of possibilities to get started with coding, robotics, and electronics in a fun and exciting way. Its comprehensive collection includes all the sets you need to get started, such as motors, servo motor, switch set, cables, connectors,

Battery Box Set, Sensor Holder Set

a robot

power module set, etc. With the help of this machine learning board kit, you can code your robots based on BlocklyProp IDE and compatible smartphones via Bluetooth LE and share writing code.

Robo Bit Buggy

A complete and entertaining robot-building kit aimed at kids and adults alike. Robo Bit Buggy features a futuristic car design that parents and kids can customize together. Working together to build your creation will help strengthen family bonds and encourage a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Lego Boost Set

Discover the fun of robotics with this LEGO® BOOST set, featuring a blue and white color scheme, a buildable robot figure with poseable arms and legs, a three-point suspension system, and active rear steering. Let your imagination run wild as you create an infinite number of robot designs using the 90 LEGO BOOST building pieces—including beams, axles, discs, wheels, and more. Use the included PowerFunctions motor to activate the model’s movement and light effects.

Lego Mindstorms EV3

See your creation move in ways you’ve always dreamed of. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 lets you control a robot with your mobile device or a tablet computer like an iPad. Use the free EV3 app for iOS, Android smartphones, or Android tablets to program your robot and create excellent movements. Then download the free building instructions app for the set you are using to guide you through building and programming your robot. Build models and customize your robots with hundreds of parts, including motors, sensors, and touch elements.v

 Sunfounder Robot Raspberry Picar-S Kit

Simple, affordable, and fun, the Picar-S is a robot development board made for all Makers. The modular nature of this kit allows you to mix and match your parts; a fully functional mechanical arm that you can program yourself using the Picar-S ARM embed controller as the brain Main Features: A total of 12 servos, with three 8-bit and one 16-bit PWM servo ports. An ARM embed microcontroller (provided) connected to the control board (provided) can be used as a robot controller/brain.

The Last One: Cozmo

COZMO is a fun and friendly robot that’s the perfect combination of brains, power, and personality. He’s ready to be your creative robot sidekick! Omnipresent—Friendly—Eager to Play, Loving You

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