Autonomous Robot Kit- A Great Fun Fair For Kids

autonomous robot kit

Are you looking for an autonomous robot kit? Check this guide out. An autonomous robot kit offers students, makers, and energies everything that they need to build innovative or creative AI applications, fun.

It is powered by the mighty NVIDIA Jetson Nano AI computer. It supports neural networks and multiple sensors in parallel for collision avoidance, object recognition, and more.

These robot kits are built and designed on-site according to your requirements. Robot kits can have standard wheels, tracks, mecanum wheels, or Omni wheels and offer a wide range of prices and sizes.

Here we invite you to look into an autonomous robot kit that can perform tasks with the help of an embedded computer program.

Autonomous Robots?

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Autonomous robots use their embedded programming in perceiving their physical environment by translating the data received from various sensors (like ultrasonic, infrared, etc.).

A perfect autonomous robot programming session should consider the diversity of conditions that a robot might be facing within its natural environment.

List Of Autonomous Robot Kit

1. SparkFun JetBot AI Robot Kit

Sparkfun’s JetBot is easy to assemble, and fun doesn’t matter what your skill levels are. Use the NVIDIA Jetson Nano with the SparkFun Qwiic Ecosystem and the JetBot AI Kit for fast interface sensors, motor drivers, and LCDs in your brand new prototype.

Furthermore, it also comes with interactive JetBot ROS (Robot Operating System), AWS cloud support, and AI tutorials.

2. Waveshare JetBot AI Kit

The Waveshare JetBot ready-to-assemble is a high-quality chassis, with all the tools and front-facing cameras to make it easy and fast to build.

Moreover, you can take advantage of NVIDIA AI for line following, face identification, obstacle avoidance, and object tracking. While running the Waveshare JetBot, you can even recharge it to move ahead with your creativity.

3. Speed JetBot Smart Car Kit

You can take advantage of the larger factor and the choice of adaptable Seeed Grove Sensors for facilitating your driving experiences. It includes wheels, chassis, and controllers with an 8 MP camera and a battery.

4. Silicon Highway Nano JetBot Kit

You need to add the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit and 3D printed parts in this Autonomous robot kit – from a WiFi card and camera to wires and wheels.

All the mentioned components are based on the real NVIDIA JetBot design. It is available only in Europe.

5. FaBo JetBot

The FaBo JetBot is the best way to start with the autonomous robot kit.

FaBo provides the real motor shield with an OLED display to make the wiring simple, and no soldering is required in it.

The autonomous robot kit is available with customized 3D print chassis to hold the high gain WiFi networks, a WiFi Module, a smooth caster of metal ball, and a micro SD card of 64 GB.

6. GPUS JetBot

GPUS autonomous robot kit has made assembly of NVIDIA-based JetBot simple. It is one of the perfect tools for educators, students, researchers, hackers, and hobbyists to learn about robotic principles, experiments with abilities, and AI technology that are generally reserved for highly based laboratories. It is available only in Asia.

Conclusion On Autonomous Robot Kit

You can surely go for an autonomous robot kit, which can prove to be a perfect tool for many researchers, educators, and students having customized 3D prints also!

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