Special Asimo Robots

The term Asimo stands for an advanced step in innovative mobility. This robot was created and designed by Honda (Japan) in the year 2000. This humanoid robot is designed in a manner where it could help people. It can do all human activities like running, dancing, walking, kicking etc. Asimo robots have all features of a human (hip, knee, and foot joints).

The degree of freedom is available in the Asimo robot, where it can move freely. The degree of freedom is designed in each robot in a way that is similar to humans. Plus, these types of robots travel around the world and do many exciting things. These robots can capture images in many instances. In the memory of Asimo robots, there are thousands of objects and information.

It is expected in the future that Asimo robots can be used as a helper of humans, even taking care of them. Most of them are 4 feet and 3 inches tall and hold a weight of 54 kg. A 51.8-volt lithium battery powers these types of robots. There are many types of sensors used in Asimo robots. The primary two sensors of this robot are placed in the head. It can detect all the obstacles that are in the pathway of it.

Most of the time, these types of robots perform straightforward tasks. But in certain instances, an Asimo performs different functions that cannot be achieved by man. Asimo can be an assistant to any worker, and also it can improve the potential of man. In today’s technological world, the Asimo robot pays an essential role in inspiring people. Hence, Asimo can provide answers to questions asked by man.

What Are The Advantages Found In Asimo Robots?

  • It can assist humans in several tasks that are performed at their workplace to make a successful outcome.
  • It has the ability to open and close the door, carry things, pushcarts, etc. at the supermarkets. 
  • They can work as assistant workers at educational tutorials, i.e., as a teacher instructor to guide students.
  • Also, Asimo robots are used in the field of law enforcement.

What Are The Disadvantages

  • As the Asimo robot can perform all the works of humans, its cost is relatively very high. So an ordinary income person cannot purchase it.
  • Most of the time, it is tough to balance the body of these types of robots while running and dancing.
  • Due to the advancement in technology, Asimo robots speed and efficiency are decreased day by day.
  • These robots do not reveal emotions like anger and sadness, so it will not act according to the situation.
  • The jobs of working humans can be replaced with these robots, so they have a chance of losing their jobs.
  • People become lazy at their conduct since the robots perform the tasks of man.

Even though there are many advantages to introducing Asimo robots to the world, there are few disadvantages to them too. So Asimo robots should be handled correctly to get a positive outcome out of it. 

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