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A robot is an artificially-intelligent machine that is designed to do tasks that are either too difficult or too dangerous for humans to do themselves. Robots can be built with any degree of complexity, from a simple toy robot capable of playing tic-tac-toe up to humanoids capable of loving, feeling emotion, and thinking through decisions just like humans can. Robots play an increasingly important role in manufacturing industries by helping move products on assembly lines but manage to pose no risk since they’re made of silicone and metal, not flesh.

Most Popular Robot:

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One of the most popular personal desk robots is Johnny Five from ROBOTECH. The MK IV-8800, also known as Johnny Five, was a robot to please even the strongest technophile. Some of its features included jet propulsion, video camera, and visual sensors enabling it to avoid obstacles.

Johnny Five used the built-in joysticks to move around on top of your desk or other flat surfaces. When you needed Johnny-Five to take a break it would just stop where it was without crashing into anything that’s in its way. Lastly, this personal desk bot gives you complete control over what Johnny-Five does with nine digital joystick functions for moving in any direction and six buttons for activating different special functions or techniques.

This was the epitome of personal desk bots as Johnny Five had everything you wanted in a robot pet.

At this point, we’re going to switch gears and bring up one of the best personal robots that didn’t look like a human or animal; there is no doubt that R2D2 from Star Wars made an impact on any kid growing up with it, and everyone else who saw them in sci-fi movies. This type of robot has been long overdue for its time to shine but has finally come with great precision and accuracy thanks to the advancements in technology over the years. These types of robots aren’t quite mainstream yet, but they seem to be heading towards our homes sooner than we think! What makes them so appealing is that they don’t have to follow a preprogrammed path, which makes them safer and easier to use for anyone and everyone (unless you’re afraid of robots).

They also come equipped with a ton of sensors and cameras to make their way around your house without crashing into anything. Right now the personal desk robot we all know and love is Johnny-Five; imagine if he had an enormous head like R2D2! Not only would it be more fun, but it would also provide more functions such as voice recognition or holographic projections/displays. I’m not quite sure how this will play out yet, but one thing’s for certain: Once these popular personal desk bots become mainstream, we’ll start seeing entirely new types of robot pets for your desks, including the more popular R2D2 type robots.

In addition to all this, personal desk bots can help with daily problems such as cooking and cleaning. Robots will soon become a household name, but what’s stopping them; It seems like anyone can purchase any type of robot they want nowadays. However, do we need robots yet in our lives; That is up to you to decide.

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