Artificial Intelligent Decision Making Robot

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Robotic systems are getting closer to reality and becoming a reality with each passing day. This technology will enable every household to have their own robotic assistant at home. The best thing about this concept is that this robot will not get tired, it can work all through out the night without the need to be plugged in. However the drawback is that the household will be responsible for its maintenance.

It’s almost like having a robot assistant at home, but this will be much more advanced than a robot. It will make you work less but it will be more like having your own virtual assistant. It will have all the same features as your regular personal assistant like fax, phone calls, web browsing, and email etc. And some companies are even thinking of giving it a Google Glass like interface to enable it to interface with the internet.

An Overview

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The concept of this robot is not far from reality. Years ago we had these robotic assistants in our military. It was really amazing what they could do. But after years they became expensive and only a few people had them. It is only now that these concepts are becoming popularized by the scientific community.

You don’t have to worry about this new invention because these robots will not cause you any problems. Just like a real-life assistant they are not going to ask you to do anything impossible. They are simply going to perform the tasks you give them like typing articles into a word processor. You will be able to do all sorts of things with your new artificially intelligent robot like shopping online, taking pictures of your family and loved ones etc.

As I am sure you know, technology is very unpredictable. So this awesome idea may sound like science fiction now but don’t forget that man has always created a problem or two with this technology. Some of the most incredible inventions were created as a result of man’s experiments. When you read about these things you will never imagine such a device being invented in the first place. However, some people think that it is too farfetched. Well, let me explain to you why it will be possible in the near future.

Decision Making AI Robot

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One of the main characteristics of an artificially intelligent system is its artificial intelligence. It must be able to make decisions based on what it is told. You see an autonomous robot will never make the same mistake twice because it wouldn’t have the knowledge or the experience to do so. So in the future you will have more robots like this, each doing a different task like feeding information to another computer program that is analyzing all the data and then making a decision.

If we can already build cars, then surely we can also build robots. These robots will need a very wide vocabulary and be able to mimic various types of sounds. We don’t want our artificially intelligent robotic assistant to say the wrong thing ever again. They will also need to understand all their surroundings because one simple miscommunication can cause a big disaster.

It will be amazing if we can create such a sophisticated robot in our present time. It will probably act like a normal human being and interact with us in various manners like reading and writing. It will definitely follow the instructions it is given and will not go off track. So stay tuned for more news on this fascinating topic.

Some people are fearful about these things and there is some truth to that. Especially when the first one was invented many years ago, there was indeed a lot of chaos and confusion because of the unbalance between man and machine. However, today things are a lot better because we have the experience and the expertise to solve all kinds of technical problems.

In The End

The main goal of creating artificially intelligent robotic androids is to improve the standard of living for all of humanity. If every person lives a peaceful and joyful life, there will be no wars. Peace keeps the chaos away and happiness brings in more happiness. So with the use of artificial intelligence, we can design the future of mankind and fulfill all our dreams.

Just imagine the future when you have no more worries and tension in your life, no more need to work because you already know how to make the right decision. With artificially intelligent robots, you won’t have to worry about sick health, no longer work hours, no more fighting for your life, no more afraid of death and no more fear of a robot replacing you at all. I believe we should focus on this idea and make it reality. Let’s not wait for humans to become cyborgs, but rather for the development of robots to replace us and make our lives happier and easier. Please consider all this.

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