Applications Of Industrial Robots You Are Yet To Learn

Applications of Industrial Robots

Industrial robots are the industry-oriented machines that help in cost-cutting, saving time, and at the same time, maintaining the quality of products too. A robot is an automated and programmed machine that works as per the needs of human beings. Industrial robots work on the same mechanism and are helpful in industries where manufacturing is the main task. They can also perform the tasks of welding, assembling, and dissembling of materials, packaging and labeling, product testing and inspection, etc. Industrial robots are used in place of the workforce or to aid the workforce because robots are machines, and machines can perform tasks with great precision, flexibility, speed, and endurance. They help in saving time, money, and costs. Industrial robots have various applications that are discussed in the article further.

Applications Of Industrial Robots

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Welding – There are various types of welding industries, arc welding, spot welding, resistance welding, plasma welding are few to name. Industrial robots in this industry would help human workers improve their safety as their work on welding is quite dangerous and would prevent them from arc burns and breathing hazardous fumes.

Material Handling – Material handling involves selecting, picking, moving, shifting, and packing products. Robots ease this tedious job and enhance speed and efficiency in the production line. The usage of industrial robots also ensures the timely delivery of products to customers.

With the help of wireless electricity, robots and machines in the factories can be charged automatically. This can help in the reduction in the use of heavy wires and machines which require all-time connectivity with the electricity. This can make production more efficient and effective. The quality of goods will also increase as the machines and robots equipped with wireless electricity will be able to work continuously without any interruption.

More Applications

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Painting – Many products require painting and coating for good appearance and to attract customers. Industrial robots help in painting, coating, and spraying the products. They ensure that the work is done precisely and consistently. Cost savings are realized through the usage of robots as well as quality is maintained.

Mechanical Deburring and Cutting – Industrial robots support in smoothening the rough edges or ridges of a product. In this case, robots are programmed as per the particular parts of the product to work with talent on each part of the product. Industrial robots also help in grinding and cutting of products with precision and correctness.

Other Processes – Industrial robots can be used for other activities like inspection, assembly, palletizing, bonding, sealing, cleaning, etc.


Industrial robots are extremely useful and helpful in industries where extreme accuracy and perfection is required. Any manufacturer would use industrial robots to save on costs and time. Also, they are helpful in cases where it is harmful to human beings to work. For example, in the cutting and grinding industry, human beings are prone to dust or fumes. So, industrial robots keep workers safe from all these hazardous activities too. Though robots and automated machines are super-efficient and make work easy, they cannot and should not substitute human beings for numerous reasons.

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